After several months of buildup, we are now taking orders for the Sutherland Utility Rack, and unsurprisingly, the phone has been ringing off the hook all morning. 

As it should be, since the Sutherland Rack is the greatest advancement in strength equipment since the barbell since it will allow thousands of people to stop compromising their results and be able to perform the most Result-Producing exercises is a safe and productive manner.

The limitations of "I don't have enough space" or "not having a gym nearby" etc etc are no longer valid.

The Sutherland Rack can easily be put up in a spare bedroom, your back porch, the local park, an apartment or town house, your driveway or any where else with enough room, allowing you to get in a world-class workout quickly and easily.

We've got high schools who are going to put a row of racks right on their practice fields, and a personal trainer, who is going to keep a Utility rack in the back of his SUV to be able to train his clients on the road (thus no longer having to give a gym a cut of his paycheck.)

To cut right to the chase, if you are ready to grab a new rack immediately, the quickest way to place your order is to give us a call at 1-800-978-0206


The price of the the Sutherland Utility rack is $999.99 and price is reflective of the time, effort and quality of the piece.  As it is heavy duty, the shipping cost will vary slightly based on your location so please let us know your zipcode  when you contact us, otherwise, you'll be good to go.

YES, we do ship to Canada, and internationally, contact us for details.

Now, we are still working out an order page hence the reason it is easiest to give us a call, but here's a few more details on the Sutherland Rack that people have been asking about:


1. The Sutherland Utility Rack consists of nine main pieces: four posts, two safety rails, two bar cradles and a cross bar holding everything together. Furthermore, there are six adjustment "pins" and a tightening knob at each adjustment point.

The Sutherland Rack in Deconstructed Form

In Less that three minutes, the rack is now ready to use ~ no tools required.

2. Each of these pieces can be assembled by one person quickly and easily in less than three minutes without needing tools of any kind.

3. Three aspects of the rack are adjustable to suit the preferences of the user: the height of the bar cradles on the tall posts can go from 50 inches to 62 inches, the height of the bar cradles on the short posts can go from 40 inches to 52 inches the height of the safety rails can go from 17-3/4 inches to 37-3/4 inches and the overall width of the rack can go as wide as 56 inches.

There are 11 adjustment levels in each post, with one inch between each hole.

4. A thirty five inch long, quarter-inch thick strip of high density plastic is adhered to the top-most surface of the safety rails to protect your barbell during heavy partial deadlifts or any other time the bar comes in contact with that area.

5. As far as exercise selection, with the Sutherland Utility Rack you can squat, front squat, press, push press, good morning, deadlift, lunge and bench press in ease and comfort.

6. That's right, I said "bench press" the bar cradles can be moved to the shorter posts, and with the addition of a flat bench (not included) you can bench press by yourself without worrying about getting pinned under a heavy weight. You can also perform "dead stop" bench presses, an exercise that Brooks Kubik used to push his bench press up over 400 pounds.

7. Unlike squat stands or other racks, the cross bar of the Sutherland Utility Rack is specifically located far enough away from the training area as to not get in the way or otherwise interfere with the lifter during use.

We have loaded the rack up with well over a ton, which you can see here

Otherwise, if you have any questions on the Sutherland Rack, please feel free to hit reply and send them my way.

I talked with Jim yesterday and he was very excited to hear that the rack was getting such a great response.

We'll have more from Jim on the history of the rack and some if the best ways to train with it very soon.


Several people have written in to ask whether the bar cradles on the Sutherland Utility Rack have space for "thick" bars.

The answer is yes, a choice that was made by design.  In the top picture, you'll see a 1-3/8ths inch bar, a 2-inch bar in the middle picture and a 2-1/2 inch bar in the bottom picture.

As you can see, there is plenty of room regardless of what type of bar you happen to train with.


Can the width of the Sutherland Utility Rack be adjusted?

Again, the answer is yes, The Sutherland Utility Rack can be adjusted width-wise from 36 inches wide to 56 inches wide - so you can, for example, use a Trap Bar for heavy partial deadlifts or an EZ curl bar for close-grip pressing work if you so desire.  

Sutherland Utility Rack Launch!