John, keep up the great work... you are doing the right thing  promoting solid training information.

Tommy Kono

Hi John,

I just wanted to thank you for your great newsletters and training articles. I have signed up for numerous newsletters and lately I find myself deleting all of them without even opening them... except for yours. I like your no-nonsense approach to training and you always have good tips. I train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, and wrestling, and am also a police officer.

I have gotten a lot of great ideas from your newsletter and it has helped me tremendously with my training. The harder I train, the better athlete I will become. All the added grip strength sure does help at work too. I just figured I'd shoot you a message and say keep up the great work! Waking up in the morning I look forward to another one of your articles to get me going to go lift some iron!!

James Fulton

P.S. I bought the Captain of Crush grippers and the Ivanko Super Gripper from your site and I must say they are awesome. Next purchase will be some climbing ropes in the near future!!

Hi John, Your info bulletins are fantastic, thank you very much and I look forward to regaining and exceeding the strength I once had as a Royal Australian Army Commando.

Simon Vanderzeil
No.1 Commando Company (Ret),
1st Commando Regiment,
Royal Australian Armed Forces 

Hey John, I read your e-Mails all time I really liked the ones about sandbag lifting. Having just started doing it myself, I can say that it really has added a ton of power and strength to my over all workouts.

Also to anyone who wants real strength, get a copy of Justa's Book Rock Iron Steel!!!

Thanks again,
Eric Silvi 

John, I look forward to getting my hand grippers. In the meantime, thanks for taking the time to put together an amazing resource of old-school strength building - it's exactly what I was looking for. It's great to see someone working hard to do things right and who are excited and informed about what they're doing.

Thanks again,
Jon Edelbrock 

 "... I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it is to have found your site. It is definitely right up my "alley" so to speak. I look forward to the emails you send me and really like your philosophy on strength training."

Jeffrey R. Graffius 

Hi John I get emails from various sites everyday but yours are the only I actually enjoy reading and I am never disappointed.

Thank you!

"You are absolutely the greatest storehouse of knowledge in our industry today. Thank GOD you are there to record the history as it unfolds. Keep up the great work. I always read your inspiring emails and site when I can during the week."

Mike Glass

John, I wanted to thank you for the fast shipping, great service and great products. Jan Dellinger's book is top notch, and so is the trading card. Looking forward to future releases!

Dave Hartnett
Salem, New Hampshire 

"I have been an athlete my whole life, just about every sport at one time or another. Particularly I began lifting weights at the age of twelve and became serious and aimed for power during high school. I continued my efforts throughout my initial run through college in regard to finding the best training program.

After I graduated I studied more and more, read this book and that book and all the time I would hit plateaus. I researched more and more and found books and methods that partially worked, but even so there would always be plateaus, which I would reach well in advance of my full potential.

I came to read cutting edge literature on the subject of strength so that I could integrate the best strength training program into my Mixed Martial Arts training and my training as a power lifter. For awhile it all seemed incompatible, however, after discarding the notion of modern set training plans that are designed for most pro bodybuilders on steroids, HGH, Insulin and many other drugs--and that are not even the most effective training methods for such individuals anyways.

I must say that what I have found, to get to the point is that the best of the modern literature I have found on strength training is not new.

I have found it to be in many ways a rediscovery of the writings of strongmen such as Bob Peoples, Paul Anderson and many others who pioneered amazing feats that have not been duplicated to this day. I believe that finding this wonderful website and the work that it has done has served to aid me immeasurably because knowledge is power and it is more than worth it to study what works in the great collection of literature offered than to experiment for years using routines that lead only to disappointment for the average person and even for genetically blessed individuals falling short of their goals.

The human body is universal and training for the body rather than for the routine works for everyone adhering to a state of existence. Forget muscle confusion, forget the fad TV programs and diet plans that are not designed for athletes seeking to build strength. The answers to all strength training for practical or raw power purposes have already been found, and now they simply await your discovery.

Train intense and smart...not slow, boring and lame.

Joe Sherick