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Humberto Selvetti

The great Olympic Weightlifter Humberto Selvetti shows his stuff in his home land of Argentina. It was Selvetti who Paul Anderson defeated to win the Gold Medal at the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games. Selvetti and Anderson both totaled 500 kg but Anderson beat him on lighter bodyweight)

Selvetti also competed at the at the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki (where he took Bronze with a 432.5 kg total) and at the 1964 Tokyo games, (where he finished 17th with a 445 kg total ).

As a side note, I find two other items of interest in this phone, #1, that's a pretty hefty weight to put overhead while going uphill, and #2, the barbell set in this picture is especially unique, I have never seen anything like it before or since.

Dave Draper and The Samson "007" Twister

Here, Dave Draper and the Samson "007" Twister make their second appearance on our blog! How many people saved up their paper route money for one of these? 'Muscle Up and Make Out' indeed. Gotta love these vintage muscle-building ads.

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Bruno Sammartino

Talk about "built for strength," this rare image of the great Bruno Sammartino highlights his incredible bone structure. No wonder he toyed with 550+ lb bench presses and wiped the mat with pretty much everyone he ever faced in the ring... I sure wouldn't want to be at the other end of THAT fist.

Championnat Halterophile

Here's something you sure won't see again: a weightlifting contest sponsored by a tobacco company. As you can see noted, this particular contest took place on Saturday, January 25, 1964 in Liege. Belgium.  ... and unsurprisingly, Richmond Louis Doize are a Belgian brand of cigarettes.

Fred W. Mines

Who the heck is Fred W. Mines? Nobody you have probably ever heard of. He was a small-time strongman who performed at county fairs and carnivals in the Florida and Georgia areas in the late 1930's. Don't let his amateur status fool you though, this feat is a lot more more impressive than it might seem, balancing this unique barbell (made of an automobile drive shaft and two reinforced concrete globes) in his teeth.

A Wild Man Once Lived In The Forest...

Earle E. Liederman had some of the all-time best advertisements for his books and courses. Here is a great one from 1926, and the message is certainly just as important today as it was back then:
once lived in the forest. He had no fear of man or beast.He had no fear of man or beast.  He carried a mighty club with which he fought his enemies of the jungle.  His rough and active life in the open have him the strength of the beasts themselves.  He was a superman in health and strength.  But Who wants to be a wild man?
The Modern Man
There are men in our midst today enjoying the same abundance of health and strength. They are not of the wild man-type however. They are men of intellect, who have become leaders of industry. They realize that brains are essential, but of little value placed in a weak body with sluggish blood circulations or troubled with various disorders of the vital organs.
The Miracle Man
The wild man took years of active out-door life ro attain his strength. How then can a business man acquire the same strength when his days are spent in the office?

One year ago, a famous musician traveled from Toronto, Canada to see Earle E. Liederman. This musician was most popular throughout Canada. People came from miles to hear him play. He was weakly and was unhappy. He asked Mr. Liederman to help him. Mr. Liederman asked him to give him twenty minutes each day for three months in his own home. The musician went back with Mr. Liederman's famous apparatus and one week later, the first lesson in "Progressive Muscular Development" followed him. Today he is a champion weight lifter in his country and his earning capacity has almost doubled.
What Kind of Man Are You?
Do you arise in the morning full of ambition for the day before you? Do you feel the thrill of life pulsing through your veins? Can you finish a hard day's work still feeling full of pep and vitality? Do you have a deep, full chest and the brawny arms of an athlete? If not, you are not the man you were meant to be.

How would you like to increase your arms one full inch in just 30 days and your chest two full inches in the same length of time? But that's only the foundation. From then on you'll build up an armor plate of muscle both inside and out that will fire you with ambition, giving the spring in your step and the flash in your eye that only an athlete can know. This is what I promise to do for you. Come on then and make me prove it...

Norb Schemansky

A look at the great Norb Schemansky on the cover of the August, 1957 issue of the somewhat obscure "Amateur Athlete" magazine. Just a few months before, Norb took first place in the 225 lb. class at the Senior Nationals with a 990 lb. total.

Jack Kanner

Jack Kanner

Jack Kanner was a boxing and wrestling promoter in the Denver, Colorado area from the 1920's through the 1960's. Ol' Jack didn't just sit in the stands and eat popcorn either: to stay in shape, he often liked to climb the poles of the playground structures at the park around the corner from his house. Here's Jack in the middle of a workout on March 13, 1959. Jack was 61 years of age at the time and clearly a great example to us all.

Tossing The Unspunnen Stone

In Fribourg, Switzerland, during the annual Alpine Games, they conduct a traditional event: tossing the famous Unspunnen Stone, The stone, which weighs 176 pounds, is shown here being heaved by Ernest Hulman, who won the 1959 edition of the stone tossing contest with a throw of 8½ feet.

The One Hand Chin Course

You never know what you might find in a dusty, forgotten corner of an old used bookstore... Here's a nifty course -- that most strength historians don't even know exists --  which contains some pretty interesting and unusual training ideas.

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