Strongman Beer Stein

Strongman Beer Stein

Much of weightlifting's history can be traced back to taverns and beer halls so it was only natural that some "strength" themed steins were created way back when. The only "supplements" that many of the real oldtimers enjoyed were barley and hops. This one is pretty nifty because of the ringweight lid. It would also appear that it would be quite a workout drinking from this one when it was full of ale.

One can imagine the lifters in old, Old, OLD Vienna clinking a few of these together with a hearty "Kraft Heil!" (Hail to strength!) On the lid you'll also find the 4-K motto: Kühn, Kernig, Kraftvoll, Kunstvoll (Daring, Robust, Powerful, Skillful).

Sig Klein was a big fan of steins like these, and his collection was housed on shelves around his gym. This one may have actually belonged to Sig at one point.
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Author: John Wood

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