The Human Anvil 2

One of the few known images of Prof. Frank Dufrane, The Human Anvil. This one was taken by the famed Swords Bros. Photographers in York, PA likely in the mid-1890's. We've covered Prof. Dufrane before, but since then have unearthed a few more details about him, namely, that he performed many traditional strongman feats: he drove nails through one and two inch boards with his bare hands...bent metal bars across his teeth and neck and, of course, held a 1,000 pound rock on his chest whilst a member of the audience slugged away at it with a 17 lb. sledge hammer -- which could not have been comfortable any way you slice it. Dufrane was billed as "The strongest man of his weight on Earth" - which was likely true -- he weighed only 145 lbs.!
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Author: John Wood

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