The classic course returns!

• The three types of development that you can expect from expander training

• The advantages that expanders have over barbells and dumbbells
• The expander's interesting role in the lives of our ancient ancestors

• The history of Strand-Pulling

• The first great strongman to train with expanders, and how he used them to build his strength

• How expanders were used by the great "music hall" strongmen

• Three simples ways to combine weight training with expander training for best results

• Devis' 5 best non-expander exercises that every athlete should train

• The 20 Official Pulls with definitions and author's performance tips

• Supplementary Pulls and other exercises for biceps, deltoids, triceps, upper back, chest, abdominals, lower back, wrists and forearms, neck...

• Three Planned 3-Month expander training courses

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All About Strand-Pulling by Syd Devis is: 8-1/2" x 11" in size, 102 pages, glossy cover, and contains dozens of detailed how-to illustrations on a variety of exercises 2nd Edition also contains the rare course "The Art of Expander Pulling" by Thomas Inch.

Syd Devis

All About Strand-Pulling by Syd Devis