...and "weights" alone just won't get it done

The Oldtime Strongmen of decades past were usually pictured lifting a heavy globe barbell or dumbbell overhead - which they certainly used - but there was another method of training that was incredibly popular with many of the oldtimers used that built incredible strength and power from every angle ... and it wasn't iron...

They have many names: chest expanders...  cables... strength bands...  over in the UK they are  even used in a competitive sport known as strand pulling... but no matter what you want to call them, they all mean one thing: STRENGTH.

Chest Expanders were a part of the training of many of the greatest weightlifters and strongmen:

Eugen Sandow, Alfred Danks, Professor Attila, Edward Aston, The Mighty Atom, Thomas Inch  Fred Rollon, Saxon Brown, Earle E. Liederman, John Grimek, Steve Stanko, Sig Klein, and Reg Park, just to name a few folks you might be familiar with...

And many of the most well-known modern "Strongmen" like Dennis Rogers, John Brookfield, and "Big" Bob Karhan make strength cables a big part of their training too. Since many of the strongest and best-developed men in history trained with chest expanders, don't you think it would be a good idea to include some of this kind of training in your routine?

You bet! -- Now you can now bring this great strength tradition into your own workout and train just like many of the greatest strongmen who ever lived.


Chest Expanders vs. Weights

Please don't misunderstand me: weights do have their place in your training and always will, but chest expanders have certain advantages which can help you build a unique kind of strength that weights simply can't match.

Let me give you a few good examples:

The most obvious advantage to chest expander cables is probably their portability - a full set of chest expander cables can easily fit in a gym bag and travel with you.  The handles are high-density plastic and the strands are rubber so you'll have no issue with carrying them on an airplane which makes chest expanders are a perfect choice for the busy traveler.

The second advantage has to do with the nature of the chest expander itself, since it provides variable resistance which weights do not (due to gravity). This means that strength cables can not only provide resistance from many different angles, but they can also function to make exercises "harder," and therefore more productive.

For example, if you are doing a bicep curl with a 50 lb. dumbbell, the exercise actually gets easier as your forearm and the dumbbell get further above a parallel line to the floor.

This is due to the leverage of your elbow assisting in the exercise. With strength cables, the resistance increases as the cable is stretched, offsetting the leverage of your elbow, just like Mr.Danks is doing over to the right.

There are many areas of the body which can be developed much better with chest expander movements - areas that simply cannot be trained as effectively with weights.

Try the "back press" for super tricep development and you will see what I'm talking about.

Finally, how many times have you been in a gym and seen someone "throw" the weight up and "catch" it on the way down?

This is not a good way to train...

Cables provide a much smoother exercise (not to mention safer) through the entire range of motion, and that means more strength for you in less time.

Alfred Danks was a well-known strongman who
trained with chest expanders -- he also wrote an
excellent training course on them

How many different directions can you move your arms? With weights, your options are limited since the resistance can only come from one direction - straight down as a result of gravity.

With chest expanders, you can work your muscles from every conceivable angle, including directions you have probably never trained them before, and that means more muscle growth for you.  You can train exclusively with expanders very easily or you can do a few choice expander exercises, either way, expanders should be a part of your program.


Training With Chest Expanders

How many different ways can you train with chest expanders? You are only limited by your imagination. Modern strongman Dennis Rogers likes to combine hand gripper training with chest expander training to build strength from a variety of angles in order to improve his steel bending strength.

Champion armwrestlers have also been known to use high-rep chest expander cable training to improve tendon strength.

Martial artists often use chest expanders to build grappling and striking power - they prefer the "live" feel of chest expanders over traditional weights.  If you are looking to add variety to your program, a set of chest expanders will be your best bet.

We have currently found over 300 different upper and lower body chest expander movements. The possibilities are endless... Expander training is also a perfect option if you are working around an injury.  We have heard from many people who have a hard time for one reason or another with barbells or dumbbells but can still train the essential muscle groups with their expanders.


Now, there have been many different versions of chest expanders over the years, most of which used either rubber tubing or steel springs for resistance.

While the steel spring versions were durable, the springs often got caught in loose skin or clothing during use - ouch!

Please use extreme caution if you are still training with a set of steel-spring expanders.

You'll find that almost all of the oldtime strongmen trained with rubber-cabled chest expanders.

Rubber cables are light weight, effective, and didn't have the potential to "bite" that the steel-springed versions had and that makes a pretty compelling arguement...

This is why, when it comes to expanders, we recommend rubber expanders over the steel-sping expanders any day of the week,

... which brings us to our next point:

The great oldtime wrestler and strongman
Stanislaus Zbyszko often included rubber
expanders in his training programs


Lifeline Chest Expanders: The Oldtime
Strength Tradition is Reborn!

Today, the oldtime tradition of chest expander training has been reborn, and the most well-known and respected chest expanders in the strength world are made by Lifeline USA.

Now you too can train just like the oldtime greats. Life Line Chest Expanders feature 9 different interchangeable resistance levels made of high-quality rubber tubing, ranging in resistance from 10 pounds to 90 pounds.  Each resistance level has cables of a different color.  The Purple 20-pound expander is shown below (you can also see the Orange 50-pound expander farther up the page)

Lifeline Chest Expanders feature soft foam handles which are durable yet comfortable.  Unlike hand plastic or wood handles, you can fit these handles over your feet allowing you to also perform a variety of lower body exercises.

Also keep in mind that the poundage listed for each expander is the strength of one cable. and are adjustable, allowing you to train with several different resistance levels with each expander.  

For example, using the Purple 20-Pound expander show above, you train train with 20, 40 or 60 pounds of resistance depending on whether you have one, two or three cables attached to the handles.  It is also possible to interchange cables of different resistance levels/colors, allowing you to progress more readily.

When you have a Pink 30-Pound expander available, you will be able to train incrimentally, switing out a purple cable for a pink cable will allow you to increase the resistance to 70 pounds, using two pink cables and one purple cable allows you to train with 80 pounds of resistance and so forth.

It is for this reason that we highly recommend having several expanders on hand to train with.   Below you may order individual expanders, 3-expander combo sets or the complete set off all 9 expander levels.

This is the Purple "20 lb." expander. Each purple strand offers 20 lbs. of resistance, giving this "set" a total resistance of 60 lbs.


Get Started Right Here!

If you have read this far than we know
you are serious. You can get your chest expanders ASAP by ordering below.

You can order chest expanders individually, in 3-expander combo sets or the complete set which consists of all 9 levels.

Use the order buttons below to place your order online or give us a call during any time during normal business hours if you would like to order by phone. 

Individual Expander Notes:

Individual chest expanders are $24.99 each and come exacty as pictured below:

... with two (2) handles snd three (3) cables of the same color /resistance level.
Teal Expander You will choose your desired resistance level (out of the 9 offered) from a drop down list on the cart checkout page.   The listed poundage is per cable and there are 3 cables per expander.

3 Expander Combo Set Notes:

As noted previously, having more than one expander set will allow you to progress more efficiently. Each 3-expander combo set is $59.99, a savings of $15 over the individual expander price. 

Sets are based on sequential resistance level, i.e.:

Teal, Purple and Pink

Magenta, Orange and Red

Yellow, Green and Blue

... but you can get any three expanders levels for the same price by contacting us prior to placing your order.  

Complete Expander Set Notes:

The complete expander set offers the best and most efficient training option since you have a range of resistance levels to work with, and can mix and match cables as needed.

The complete set of all 9 chest expanders is $139.99, a savings of $85 over the individual expander price.

You will receive 27 cables (3 each of every level) and 18 handles.  The set will come fully assembled and ready for use.

Individual Expanders:
$24.99 each plus s/h

3-Expander Combo Set:
$59.99 each plus s/h

Complete Expander Set (9):
$139.99 plus s/h


Chest Expanders