"They Hang on TIGHT

...and Won't Let Go!"


The Lockjaw Pro Barbell Collar (Olympic)

A few years back, I was roughly half way through a set of high-rep squats when the 2-1/2 pound plate on the right side of the bar decided to make a break for it. With every passing rep it was inching toward falling off which would have ruined an otherwise good set.

I was fortunately able to make it through the workout without an issue --but just barely. It was a lesson that I thankfully didn't have to learn the hard way and from that moment on, I swore that I'd never squat again without a set of collars on the bar holding the weights securely in place.

The fact of the matter is that if you are serious about training, you should have a good set of collars. .

Many people today are unfamiliar with the notion of why a good set of collars is necessary. You may not need 'em for every lift, but for the ones where you do, they are absolutely essential. In fact, a good set of collars might just make the difference in a good or bad workout. My a fore-mentioned squatting experience is a pretty good example but there are others which come immediately to mind, especially if you are interested in one or two arm quick lifts or just about every lift with dumbbells.

The question now becomes where exactly to get a good set of collars and that's where we come in. We looked far and wide for a set of collars that were up to our standards. When the dust settled and the smoke cleared, the Lockjaw barbell collars were at the top of our list.

What features put the Lockjaw collars at the head of the pack? Here's a look at 10 good reasons:

1.) Thanks to the fully-encased
"grip" pads, Lockjaw collars offer
TEN times more plate holding power than spring clip collars.

2.) The unique "clamp" design allows Lockjaw collars to be secured quickly and easily with one hand.

3.) As an added level of security, the securely locking snap-latch prevents the collars from becoming unlocked during drops, making them perfect for use in Olympic style weightlifting workouts.

4.) The nylon injection molded frame construction is light but also very strong. (The Olympic collars weigh less than one pound per collar and the smaller standard collars weigh in at less than a quarter pound per collar.)

5.) The compression design allows the Lockjaw collars to hold on securely WITHOUT damaging your bar ends

6.) No questions here, the Olympic Lockjaw collars will fit all barbell loading ends, past present and future. There will also be no question whether these collars are secured in place.

7.) Lockjaw collars can also be secured quickly and easily, saving you and your athletes valuable training time

8.) Durability should never be an issue but just in case, all Lockjaw collars are covered under a 1-year warranty

9.) Bulk pricing is available for gyms, schools, sports teams or any other situations where it is a  necessary to have multiple pairs of collars on hand.

10.) Lockjaw collars are available in both OLYMPIC and STANDARD versions -- the latter being the ONLY heavy duty standard collar currently on the market.

Please click the Order Now button for all pricing, ordering options or to place your order online. You can also place your order by phone by giving us a call at the number shown below any time during normal business hours. Yes, we do accept purchase orders from schools, military bases and other government institutions. Contact us for more information.

Words like dependable, reliable, and secure are what you want in a piece of training equipment... and these describe the Lockjaw collars to a "T"... which is why they get the thumbs up from us. We have little doubt these collars will be a worthy addition to your program.

A closeup of the "grip" pads of the Lockjaw Pro Olympic collar.
These collars clamp on your bar end, hold fast, and won't leave a mark.

Lockjaw barbell collars can be quickly secured with one hand.  The snap-latchprovides a added level of security for holding the collar in place.

Lockjaw collars are available for OLYMPIC and STANDARD barbells.

Give us a call 1-800-978-0206

Give us a call 1-800-978-0206

Lockjaw Barbell Collars