The RETURN of Serious Dumbbell Training!

Doug Hepburn performing a standing
press of a pair of 160lb.(!) dumbbells


Forget concentration curls or lateral raises with weights that aren't much heavier than your average soup can, and let's talk about the types of dumbbell lifts that the oldtime strongmen of a century back practiced on a daily basis: HARD, HEAVY, MULTI-JOINT movements that will kick your full-body strength into overdrive.

In classic the gyms of yore, you'd find lifters training doing of all kinds of dumbbell lifts: overhead presses... one and two-arm dumbbell deadlifts... clean and jerks... one-arm snatches... push presses... BENT presses... swings... we're talking real Man-Making lifts, many of which were even contested back then, and triple digit poundages were often the minimum (sometimes per hand!)  Of course, you can also add rows, shrugs and other more "conventional" lifts to the mix. 

How many different ways can you think of to train with dumbbells?  The short answer is "a lot."

Check out the great Pat Casey up top, man-handling a pair of 210 pound dumbbells in the incline press — he not only pressed these major league dumbbells for a couple reps, but took each from the rack, got them into position and returned them afterwards all unassisted — which is just as impressive, if not more so than the actual lifting. Casey was the first man to officially bench press over 600 pounds and total over 2000 pounds in an official Powerlifting contest.

And, of course, over on the right you'll find a classic shot of Doug Hepburn, performing a standing press with a pair of 160 lb. dumbbells which is almost too mind boggling to even think about.

These are just a few examples (among many) of the strength champions who made dumbbells a big part of their programs... it should be pretty easy to see take the tip from them and if your goal is to build super strength and power, serious dumbbell work should be a part of your training as well. 
to challenge the immortals... these
are the dumbbells you'll need:

If you are going to do some serious dumbbell lifting, you'll be needin' some serious dumbbells... (those robin egg blue rubber coated 'bells just aint gonna cut it any more.) We've been getting requests for a long time for a set of bomb-proof dumbbells and put our man Jim Sutherland to the task... and he came through with flying colors once again:

As usual, Jim came back to us with some true works of
art: each dumbbell crafted from American steel and
made one at a time in his shop right here in
the great state of Michigan.

what makes these dumbbells so unique?
Let's go through each of the features:
You can't beat the craftsmanship: as previously noted, each of these dumbbells was made one at a time by Jim Sutherland, which is simply not done any more these days with strength equipment.  You'll have the unique benefit of knowing exactly who and where your equipment came from, and in years to come, you'll be able to proudly say that you own a genuine Jim Sutherland original.          

The precision diamond-point knurling will give you a sure grip every time. You'll appreciate it on swings and snatches.

The inside and outside collar have a slight bevel, one of Jim Sutherland's signature touches to make each dumbbell special.

We'll also include a drop-forged wrench with each set of dumbbells so you can make sure the collars are tightened securely

"What kinds of details are we talking about?" To give you one good example:   each of the sixteen edges of the inside and outside collars as well as the bar ends are beveled, or rounded off slightly - a small detail, sure, but one that gives each of these dumbbells a distinct look and feel. The collars (to per dumbbell0 were also fashioned by hand and each features a case-hardened set screw that will stay firmly in place when tightened correctly - a wrench is also provided free of charge. The precision diamond-point knurling of the handling area also gives a sure grip every time. 

Special steel and more: The type of steel that equipment is made out of speaks volumes for how it will perform for you day in and day out and over the long run.  In this case, the special steel that was used to make these dumbbells is composed of 45 points of carbon, making the bar still and strong. (For comparison, the steel in "sporting goods store quality"equipment generally has only 6 points of carbon, hence the reason such equipment will not stand up to heavy usage.)

"What about the other specs for these dumbbells?" Overall Dumbbell length: 24 inches... Loading area: 7-3/4 inches on each end... Width of gripping area: 6-3/8th inches - an important characteristic that we pointedly requested, if the gripping area is too narrow, users will end up banging their wrists on plates during usage, this simple design change eliminates this problem altogether, this will definitely make a difference if you have used other dumbbells... Width of inner and outer collars: 3/4ths of an inch... Weight (with collars): 7-1/4 lbs (per dumbbell)... Diameter: 1 inch.   
If Arthur Saxon Were Around Today, These Are The Dumbbells He Would Be Training With!
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