"How a World-Champion Weightlifter's
Invention Might Just Save Your Knees"

Tommy Kono's knees held up just fine through eight
straight World Championships (including two
Olympic Gold-Medal winning performances) and
while setting over two dozen World records...

...but a measly 135 pound barbell nearly put
him down for good.

Just before going to the 1959 World Weightlifting
Championships, Tommy gave an informal lifting
demonstration at a Boy Scout Jamboree near Dover,

Kono's best snatch at the time was 297 lbs., but with only 135 on
the bar, his right knee flexed a bit out of alignment during the lift and
just didn't feel "right" afterwards. 

Later, at the World Championships in Warsaw, Poland he attempted a
World Record lift of 374 lbs. in the Clean and Jerk... While Kono was able to shoulder
the weight he was unable to jerk it overhead and complete the lift.

The next day Kono found that he could not bend his right leg enough to sit in a chair correctly... it was stiff and the knee looked swollen.  This became a problem from then on, not just as a result of the initial injury, but because he began to favor his "good" leg.  This created an imbalance that eventually led to further problems.  Tommy was unable to train correctly going into the 1960 Rome Olympics.  He could not perform full knee bends or put pressure on his knees without a great deal of pain... 

In those days, sports medicine was unknown and such a thing as arthroscopic surgery was nonexistent, especially in Hawaii... Tommy suffered through 4 more years but in early 1964 Tommy Kono finally came upon a solution for his knees that worked wonders: a special sleeve that kept his knees stable, warm and provided good support..

Kono used them every time he trained and the
difference was so dramatic that he like to say
that it was as if he now had a new pair of knees!

When he developed the knee bands in the mid-
1960s, he called them "T.K. Knee Bands" and many
of the great lifters of that era began using them
while they trained. 

Today, Tommy Kono's original design is once again available! These specially developed knee bands are not your typical knee sleeves, knee supports or knee braces ...they are designed with performance in mind.  Not only that, wearing these knee bands help keep the joint stable and well-lubricated during a workout session which is essential for mature lifters.  T.K. Bands also keep your knee joints warmed up -- literally -- you'll find that your knees will be sweating within minutes of putting them on.

After you have used the Tommy Kono Bands in your training you'll understand why Tommy said it felt like he had new knees.  These unique knee sleeves have allowed thousands of lifters to resurrect their training and there's a great chance they can do the same for you as well!  If you are ready to take action, you may place your order below.  Otherwise, if you still arent convinced, please take a moment to read some of the many testimonials further down the page to see what others have to say about their experience with the T.K. Bands:

"If I had these knee bands earlier it would have prolonged my weightlifting career...and I may have even won my third gold medal at the 1960 Olympics."
                                                - Tommy Kono

Tommy Kono Bands pull over your
knees quickly and easily

The T.K. logo should line up with
your knee cap or be very close

Ready for action! When it is time
to train, wear them!





"Every time I use these knee bands. I have confidence to lift more because I know my joints are being protected. These were developed by Tommy Kono who wanted future lifters to be safe and still continue to lift. Thank you for your efforts. Just wished I got his autograph too. That's how impressed I am with the man, Tommy Kono."

Raymond D. Krzmarzick

"I love the TK knee sleeves. I have never tried any other kind, but these are a miracle to me..."

Justin M. James

"As a certified trainer and avid proponent of the CrossFit methodology, I can say from personal use that these bands rock! Both my knees are damaged (USMC, racquetball, chondromeniscus patella) but proper squat form and the intensity of CF workouts helped to minimize a lot of the pain and ROM (range of motion) issues; still, going heavy and fast would aggravate these old injuries. The TK knee bands were mentioned on the CF forum and I decided to take a chance. Bottom line -- THEY WORK!"

James T. Murphy

"I use these for weight lifting workouts and wear them any time I play sports or do any type of cardiovascular exercise. I have bad knees due to genetics... my father has had 20 knee surgeries combined between knees and one of them has been replaced.

These knee bands really keep my knees feeling great. I've had my pair for a few years now and they are still going great. They are a little rough getting them on because they pull your leg hair when you are putting them on, but it's not too bad.  I love these and would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone. You can't put a price on knees that feel better."
Josh Tapp

"The Tommy Kono Bands have exceeded my expectations... I've had them for almost one year. I initially got them to help keep my knees warm during my winter workouts as I lift in an unheated garage. They did do this but also my knees feel more stable during back squats when I am wearing them. As a result I wear them year round. After 12 months of use, approx 3 times/week they have held up well. If they ever wear them out I will not hesitate to buy another pair."
Dave Klopp

Tommy Kono
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