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George "The Russian Lion" Hackenschmidt has the unique distinction of being one of the first well known physique stars, a champion wrestler, legendary strongman, AND outspoken strength author.

He was a man of imaginable power. In fact, many of "Hack's" greatest strength records still stand and his first wrestling bout against Frank Gotch in 1908 is widely regarded as the greatest professional wrestling match of all time...

Later that same year, Hackenschmidt published The Way to Live  which was part autobiography and part training course. 21 editions later, this book was considered the highest selling book on physical culture ever written!

In The Way to Live  Hack covers a wide range of topics, including:

How he lived... his methods of exercise... training with weights... training without weights... training for young and old... nutrition and diet... building and cultivating will power... feats of strength with heavy weights... hindrances to the acquisition of strength...... tips on bathing... rest and wholesome sleep... variations in exercise... exercises for athletes, etc. and a complete course in barbell and dumbbell training.

Hackenschmidt closes the book telling the story of his life including his early days under the guidance of Dr. von Krajewski (physician to the Czar of Russia), and Dr. Theodore Siebert, the famous German weightlifting pioneer. He relates tales of his wrestling bouts with the likes of Zbysco, Lurich, Jenkins, Farmer Burns, and, of course, his most famous match against Frank Gotch.

This 5" x 7" trade paperback high-quality modern reprint edition features new material not found in the original printing: 173 pages, over 89 rare photos and illustrations, and a unique look into the life of the world's strongest man, holder of many world strength records, and world champion catch-as-catch-can wrestler.

"World Champion Wrestler and Record
Setting Strongman Reveals All..."

The Way to Live
Table of Contents:


Why should we be strong? Adaptability and Characteristics Physical Perfection and Strength Nutrition
Rest and Wholesome Sleep Training
Exercises without Weights
Muscle Exercises with Weights Weights for Exercises
Exercises for Athletes
Time Tables for Training
Dr. Von Krajewksi, the Father of Athletics and His System of Life

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