A hundred years ago, W.A. Pullum was known as "The WIZARD of Weight-Lifting" ...he won 15 Championships, 50 Gold Medals and set over 200 World's and British Weight-Lifting Records...

Pullum's accomplishments were not because of super natural reasons but another reason altogether...a method that you can still use today to lift record weights...

Why don't more people practice
the Oldtime lifts these days?

here are two reasons we can think of: most people simply don't know how to perform these lifts anymore... or they never learned that they even existed in the first place. Either way, this is a real shame...

I mean, every musclehead can talk your ear off about leg extensions, concentration curls and cable cross-overs... But when was the last time you saw anyone doing lifts like the bent-press, the rectangular fix or the Dumbbell clean and press? You have a better chance of seeing Bigfoot than of seeing any of these lifts done in a modern gym. The details on these lifts, (and many others) are slowly being lost to history...

However, it is our feeling that there are, in fact, many people who would love to include some of the oldtime lifts in their training program but they just don't have the information they need to get started...

Fortunately there was a strength author who saw fit to write down all the performance tips and hints that he could about the classic lifts... His name was William A. Pullum, and if you want to start including these lifts in your modern program, there are no better resources for learning proper performance than his two great trainng courses... but first, you should know a little more about the man and why he is worth listening to:


Let The Wizard of Weightlifting add
some *MAGIC* to your program

Pullum's early life was marked by sickness and disease. You name an affliction and he probably had it but as fate would have it, at the age of 17, young Pullum saw the famous "Arthur Saxon Trio" perform at a local music hall. The ease at which the three strongmen handled such heavy weights and the overall exuberance that the trio showed, so inspired Pullum that he immediately decided to take up weightlifting and improve his condition.

He took to it fast... After less than a year of training, the once-frail and formerly weak William Pullum achieved a 2-hands-anyhow lift of 204 pounds... This was such an unheard of feat at his bodyweight of 112 pounds that it was said that he could only have lifted the weight through supernatural means... Pullum was given nickname of "The Wizard of Weightlifting"


Pullum's Secret...

While Pullum's nickname was fitting in a sense, it sure wasn't magic that allowed Pullum to lift such impressive weights, but something else altog- ether... As he watched his fellow lifters, Pullum could not help but notice that brute strength alone did not always lead to the biggest lifts... yet neither did technical proficiency by itself...

It dawned on Pullum that it was only through the combination of great strength and technical skill that the greatest poundages could be lifted and therefore champions were made... Pullum devote equal attention to both sides of the coin when teaching and promoting each of the 42 lifts that the British Amateur Weight-Lifting Association (BAWLA) kept records for...

And when he did, even more records began to fall...

In addition, as the technical advisor to the BAWLA (and someone that hundreds of lifters came to for coaching advise) Pullum wanted to make sure that the performance of each and every lift was as clear as day ...After all, you can't excell in a lift if you are unsure of how it is performed!

During the 1920's, as a benefit to both lifters and to judges, Pullum authored two excellent training courses each of which provide everything a lifter would need to know in order to perform the classic lifts correctly..

If you want to learn the details and how-to's of each of the classic lifts, anything authored by Wiliam Pullum will steer you in the right direction... and lucky for all of us, his two great strength books are still available almost a century after they were originally written!



Made Easy and Interesting

Originally published in England in 1926, this modern reprint version of "Weight-Kifting Made Easy and Interesting" is the revised and expanded 7th edition from 1939.

This course is divided into three sections:

Part I is an autobiography of Pullum and tells of his sickly youth, his introduction to physical training, his hand is establishing the British Amateur Weight-Lifter's Association and listings of his many records and triumphs.

Part II in an incredibly detailed analysis on all 42 of the BAWLA Standard Lifts. Every lift is defined and explained in great detail. This section includes how-to pictures showing the correct starting positions, technique hints, and errors or reasons for disqualification.

Part III deals with the biographies of some of the author's champion pupils. These success stories all show incredible development in the days before supplements and fancy training techniques became en vogue.

5" x 7-1/2" trade paperback with 163 pages and over 70 photographs - a must have if you want to learn all the classic lifts!

How to Use

A Barbell

Originally published in 1925, this modern reprint of "How to Use a Barbell" is from the 2nd revised and expanded edition which was published in 1932.

Chapters include:

1. Introduction by the author
2. Muscular Development
3. Great Strength
4. Corrective Exercises
5. Strength, Speed and Balance Exercises
6. Advice on Training
7. Examples of Excellence
8. Specimen Training Courses (6 Different Routines)
9. Techniques of the recognized lifts

Pullum goes into great detail on the exact training programs and routines that several of his most famous pupils used to become champions.

Also in true Pullum style, he provides technique tips and hints for 40 oldtime lifts and the 42 BAWLA lifts are provided, Chapter 8 is devoted entirely to workout routines using the aforementioned exercises.

5-1/2" x 8-1/2" trade paperback with 61 pages and over 25 rare photographs

The William Pullum Collection (2 Books):

Weight-lifting Made Easy and How to Use a Barbell
___________$34.99 plus s/h

William A. Pullum

The William Pullum Collection