Bar Bending Gust Lessis

Greek Strongman/Wrestler/Boxer Gust Lessis liked to psyche out his opponents by performing feats of strength. Here’s Gust bending an impressively thick steel bar in his mouth.

Breitbart’s Muscle Builder

In addition to his training courses and strength performances, Siegmund Breitbart also created some of his own training equipment. To work on his steel scrolling he devised this “muscle builder” apparatus, a series of flexible pieces of steel with a handle on either end. This setup allowed for a number of unique training movements similar … Continue reading “Breitbart’s Muscle Builder”

The Great Orlando

The Great Orlando was another excellent steel bending strongman from Florence, Italy. Unsurprisingly, a steady diet of long bar steel scrolling led to some big strong hands and a knotty pair of forearms.

Joel Schumanov Bends a Horseshoe

Strongman Joel Schumanov bends a horseshoe circa 1925. While impressive as a performance feat, steel bending is also a tremendous workout especially for the forearms and upper body.