These days there is more strength training information available than ever before but there is also more bad training information available than ever before too. It is easier than ever to become lost and confused…

Why not take a step back in time before fancy equipment, miracle supplements or drugs when the oldtime strongmen established strength records that still stand today?

Hello, my name is John Wood. Chances are you’ve probably heard of me through another site of mine – Functional Hand Strength.

Grip training is certainly a passion of mine though I have always been a fan of many other unique and unusual ways to develop great strength, particularly the ways in which the Oldtime Strongmen used to train.

In fact, I’ve been a student of the oldtime training methods for over a decade now and have mastered some of the “lost arts” of strength training such as the one-arm snatch, the bent-press, kettlebell juggling and many more.

I feel there is real magic in these old methods and I bet you know exactly what I’m talking about.

These oldtime lifts build strength in ways that common training methods simply can’t match. On this site, you’ll find many different resources such as quality reprints of classic training
guides, unique equipment that I have used and recommend and even courses and DVDs from the few remaining modern performing Strongmen and experts. If you want to build unusual strength, sometimes you must use unusual methods and this is the place where you will learn many of them.

If you’re reading this, chances are you probably share my interest in all kinds of strength training and some of the unique lifts that you just don’t see nowadays. I know you’ll feel right at home here. Be sure to join up for our daily tips for some great training info in your mailbox each day.

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Train hard,
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