Bernarr MacFadden: “Why Strength Spells Success”

Posted on Thursday, August 21st, 2014 by John Wood

Bernarr Macfadden: The Father of Physical Culture


“You Must have strength of body.

You cannot have too much strength. The more you feel like a strong man the more you can achieve in the desired direction.

All successful men are, and have been, men of tremendous energy. Their achievements have been simply the expression of the vitality and nerve force which can no more be repressed than the power of an engine when it has once been liberated.

The average individual goes through life without living. In other words, he scarcely exists.

A vital man is at all times thoroughly alive. The forces of life seems to imbue every party of his organism with energy, activity and all characteristics opposed to things inanimate.

A vital man is naturally enthusiastic. He can hardly avoid being ambitious. And consequently Success, with all its splendid rewards, comes to such a man in abundance. Life to such a man should be resplendent with worthy achievements.

In other words, it is our first duty to be men, strong and splendid, health and perfect, if we are desirous of securing life’s most gratifying prizes.

Why not be alive, vital, vivacious? Why not be alert, keen, energetic, enthusiastic, ambitious, bubbling over with fiery ardor.

The possession of these vibratory forces proves ones physical development has closely app- roached perfection. To such vital individuals life opens up opportunities that are almost countless.

Do not be satisfied with existence. If life is worth anything, it is worth living in every sense of the word.”

~ Bernarr Macfadden’s Muscle Builder Magazine, October, 1925
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