George Hackenschmidt: “Govern Your Thoughts”

Posted on Monday, March 28th, 2016 by John Wood

“This rule is absolutely necessary in all stages of life if you wish to succeed, for without concentration of thought, you are courting failure.

How many people are there who are, so to speak, the shuttlecock of their thoughts! Every moment hundreds of ideas and thoughts rush through their brain, causing an expenditure of energy without adequate return in results.

Just fancy a man at the Bisley rifle range taking aim and shooting at the same moment as he thinks of something quite different. Do you think he will carry off the King’s prize, or indeed, any prize? No, he will not even hit the target.

If, therefore, you wish to become healthy and strong, you must give your thoughts to the full and without restriction in this direction, even to the most insignificant performances of your daily life. Concentrate your mind upon the idea of acquiring health and strength!”

~ George Hackenschmidt
The Way to Live, Chapter 4

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Author: John Wood

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