Just Another Afternoon at Vince’s Gym

Posted on Monday, April 25th, 2022 by John Wood
Here’s a rare and impromptu shot from Vince’s gym on some forgotten afternoon long ago. Vince was in mid-sentence and his eyes were half closed — he would probably have a fit if he knew this shot ever got out. Look closely, that’s a stack of Vince’s (new?) abdominal course on the counter. Also note Vince’s bodybuilding trophies on display in the background. If you ever tried to call Vince’s, that’s the phone that rang — and most likely, the phone that Vince hung up on you just as fast!

The fellow on the right is bodybuilder John Tristram.

At the time, it must have seemed like those days would last forever.

Now the gym is gone … Vince is gone … and any common sense in bodybuilding is pretty much gone too! But at least the great memories remain … and if you want to get a sweet Vince’s Gym t-shirt, you can still do that HERE.

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Author: John Wood

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