Pastimes on a Battleship

Posted on Saturday, April 30th, 2022 by John Wood
Luigi Borra (aka Milo Brinn) was a famous strongman of the early 1900’s who would have been much more well-known had Sandow not been around. After briefly retiring for a few months, Brinn’s “comeback” show was entitled “Pastimes on a Battleship” and was a big budget spectacle the likes of which the crowds had never seen before.

Above you’ll see a rare image of the battleship “set” from a promotional flyer for said show.

Brinn opened the act by doing a handstand on the butts of two rifles — a fine start. He then went in to a variety of other feats including juggling cannon balls and balanced a 400-lb. cannon on his chin — it was a perfect combination of strength AND showmanship!

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Author: John Wood

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