Indian Club Order Page

Posted on Sunday, September 17th, 2017 by John Wood
Indian Club Order Page

NB: Covid 19 has been wreaking havoc on wood suppliers so several Indian club sizes are not available at this time. Whatever we do have available is shown below. If there is an order button, we have it for sale, but circumstances may change at any time. If you see something you want, our advice is to place an order asap because it will be gone before you know it and you may not get another chance…

Indian Club Training Bulletin
NEW! Indian Club Training Bulletin No. 1
– Downloadable PDF –
(20 pages)

1. Indian Club Q & A #1 by John Wood
2. 1914 Indian Club Course
3. 1905 Indian Club Course
4. The Wrap Up


Simple Indian Club Exercises Training Poster

The “Simple Indian Club Exercises” course was originally written in 1905 by noted physical culturist Staff Sergeant Alfred Moss and is now available as a high quality poster. This poster is 23 inches by 35 inches, printed on high quality heavy stock and comes folded. ** The Poster is included at a discounted price with all Indian club sets but can be purchased separately here:

Simple Indian Club Exercise Training Poster by Staff Sergeant Moss.

________________ $19.99 plus s/h
Learn The Ancient Art of Indian Club Exercises Video by Dr. Ed Thomas – Streaming Access

Learn The Ancient Art of Indian Club Exercises Video by Dr. Ed Thomas has been included with all Indian club orders placed with us since the very beginning. Initially this video was included on a DVD, but the DVDs are no longer available. Fortunately we are still able to provide this instructional material as a streaming video thanks to modern technology. The links, etc, are ALREADY included with Indian club orders, but if you would like to purchase access separately, you can do so here:

Learn The Ancient Art of Indian Club Exercises Video
by Dr. Ed Thomas – Streaming Access

________________ $19.99

Once you complete your order, you will be sent a PDF which contains a link to a password protected area, the password itself, and some other brief instructions.

Tom Burrows’ First Club Swinging Record

Posted on Wednesday, December 9th, 2015 by John Wood
On March 20th, 1895, Australian club swinging champion Tom Burrows set out to break his own record of 24 hours on continuous club swinging. In order to do so, he set forth the following conditions:

1. The clubs were to be 2 pounds each and to be 24 inches long.
2. To Swing 50 complete circles each minute.
3. No rest or stop allowed during the 25 hours.
4. No aid of any sort allowed.
5. To swing no fewer than 70,000 complete circles for the record.
6. There would be two judges present at all times to watch the swinging.

Burrows commenced swinging his clubs at 9:18 pm on Wednesday evening. At 10:18 pm the next day, he officially met his mark of 25 continuous hours of club swinging but he didn’t stop there. At 11:33 pm, he finally put down his clubs having established the mark of 26 hours and 15 minutes of continuous swinging. The above photograph is from that evening (I’m quite curious about the axes.)