Looping The Loop, 1903

Posted on Monday, March 1st, 2021 by John Wood
We have covered many different types of outstanding physical achievements on this blog, and I think this one most definitely fits the bill. Behold! ~ The “Looping The Loop” stunt, performed by the acrobat “Mephisto” at the Casino de Paris, circa 1903. One must be able to achieve a specific amount of leg strength and speed in order to complete this feat — and be pretty confident in one’s ability to do so… otherwise, a rather tragic result. So, you better not skip leg day.

The photographer had a keen eye, capturing this daredevil at the exact moment that he arrived at the highest point of the loop and was positioned exactly upside down. I’d say this fellow earned his bread.

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The Rasso Trio

Posted on Tuesday, January 24th, 2012 by John Wood

The Rasso Trio French Strongman Poster Casino De Paris

The Rasso Trio were a group of performing strongmen started by the German strongman George Stanglemeier. The original trio also included Heinrich Weber and Godfrey Nordmann, though many other members came and went over the years. As shown in this extremely rare poster, the trio’s act consisted of lifting, juggling and carrying globe barbells, block weights and each other! The Rasso Trio performed at the Casino de Paris throughout the 1890’s and in that time, had a famous run-in with the great French strongman Apollon, which we’ll cover at another date.