Try Hand-Balancing! by Sig Klein

Posted on Friday, October 6th, 2017 by John Wood
Try Hand-Balancing!
Sig Klein’s “Lost” Course Shows You How!
Try Hand-Balancing by Sig Klein

The Maestro, Sig Klein, shows his stuff, holding a handstand on a sturdy bench. This wasn’t all though, several full range handstand pushups followed.The details of this movements and several more variations are covered in “Try Hand-Balancing.”

WHEN YOU BUY A COLLECTION, you never know what you might find…

That was sure the case just recently when a big box of “forgotten lore” yielded a very interesting discovery: it turns out that the great Sig Klein wrote a course on hand-balancing that no one today (including me) had ever heard of before.

As you are probably aware, we are BIG fans of all things hand-balancing, and, of course, we are big fans of Sig Klein, so this training guide was certainly worth its weight in gold to us on many levels.

We immediately made plans to shine it up re-release this course again to the world so that everyone could once again benefit from Sig’s teaching.

First, we had all the text transcribed so that we could lay it out more readily. Second, we carefully re-scanned each image at the highest resolution possible in order to avoid the dreaded moire (checkering) effect…  blemishes, specs, age spots and imperfections in the images were digitally edited and/or removed, and finally each scan was, enlarged, cropped, centered and leveled.

Our original plan was to put out this “lost” course as a hard copy, and you know how we like to do it, taking a lot of time, effort and great care in paper selection, layout and all other aspects of the presentation so that you end up with something in your hands that you can be proud to own.

We still intend on doing that at some point, but it recently came to our attention that a lot of people might also like to get an electronic copy. There are, of course, advantages in either case, but the immediate bottom line is that, with most of the layout work done, we could get an electronic copy up and ready to go in a matter of days and make it available immediately.

And so we did… and, as of the time of this writing, the electronic Kindle version of “Try Hand-Balancing” by Sig Klein is current climbing the charts over on

Now, just to give you an idea of the kind of information that is covered in this course, here’s quick a look:

  • The THREE most important reasons to give your lower body a rest and increase the strength of the upper body by turning your training upside-down!
  • Why hand-balancing is and can be of the utmost importance for women and how a several groups of women easily show up their male counterparts
  • The simplest method for practicing your hand balancing skills — a skill that you should be able to do easily, even if you have never even attempted a handstand before
  • The two important factors that you must take into consideration when using the wall for practice
  • A simple-as-pie elementary exercise that will help you learn to position your feet correctly
  • How to perform the basic movement that will help you bridge the gap into advanced advanced exercises and movements
  • The two simple calisthenic exercises that will increase your hand-balancing skills
  • The spectacular hand-balancing feat that can be done with a simple chair, which is also a fantastic abdominal strength builder
  • Why Sig Klein believes every human being should be able to manage the weight of his body under all conditions
  • How hand-balancing builds steady nerves and quiet tempers through strengthening “concentration”
  • How to perform the highly impressive “Tiger Bend” and the small detail that finally allowed Sig Klein to conquer it. Also, why brute strength alone may not get the job done.
  • A three image sequence on how to perform the push-up-to-hand-stand on low parallel bars and why the low parallel bars are more of a challenge than high parallel bars for this movement
  • Details on the handstand bench push-up and its variations. How many times can Sig perform this movement?
  • The highly impressive “free” barbell hand-stand, and why Sig Klein says it is “only the b-e-g-i-n-n-i-n-g”
  • How to perform the Planche on low parallels
  • What Sig Klein feels is the biggest secret of hand-balancing success, and why you won’t get far without knowing it…
Additional Instruction from John Wood!

But that’s not all! Sig Klein wrote this course roughly seventy five years ago, but the principles which make hand-balancing work are eternal. When I embarked on my own hand-balancing journey, unsurprisingly, I learned from and practiced many of the movements that Sig discusses in his course. Since I went from knowing absolutely nothing about hand-balancing to being able to hold a “pretty good” one, (especially for a former nose-guard) there were a few additional details that I wanted to share along with what can already be found in Sig’s course.

So, in the latter pages of the course, I have put together TEN tips, tips, techniques and pieces of advice that I wished I knew when I got started, or which I learned along the way. Here’s an idea of what I mean:

  • The biggest mistakes that I made with my first hand-balancing effortss, why I initially quite and the completely random experience at an amusement park that occurred about a decade later pulled me back in
  • The biggest Secret to hand-balancing success – yes, Sig covered it already, but I wanted to list it again just to make absolutely sure that it sinks in.
  • How long will it take you to be able to hold a handstand? Everyone progresses at different rates, but I can tell you how long it too me, and the markers that I like to use.
  • What to do in case you have a bad workout …and the foolish mistake that *I* made that lead to one of the worst hand-balancing workouts that I ever had, something that I sure never repeated
  • How my early hand-balancing workouts will differ from my later ones, and the types of movements I recommend putting your focus toward early on
  • How to break up your training into three distinct phases: the “conditioning” phase, the “practice” phase and the “mastery” phase and the specific types of training that should happen in each
  • What my early hand-balancing workouts looked like, how long they generally lasted and why that time frame was important
  • The simple way that I like to keep track of my exercises to ensure progress is taking place
  • “Strait talk” on using the wall for your practice, when it is important and when it is a good idea to stop using it.
  • How often to train.. what I learned about frequency, and how often I currently practice
  • Why being “never satisfied” is a good thing when it comes to hand-balancing and how to make it work for you
  • A discussion on training environment, and how you can avoid the mistake that I made that made my wife very angry
  • Mental training for hand-balancing, a lesson from a Jedi master and how to not be your own worst enemy
  • The two visualization techniques that I use, and how they help me improve in my sleep!

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