The Sandow Health and Strength Cocoa Token

Posted on Sunday, October 9th, 2011 by John Wood
Sandow's Health and Strength Cocoa
Eugen Sandow was bodybuilding’s first superstar and lent his likeness to a number of different products, including cigars, pins and a chocolate cocoa drink.  Sandow’s Cocoa didn’t last long. Some of other big chocolate manufacturers saw Sandow’s brand as a threat. They who lowered their prices and forced Sandow out of the market. The factory, which opened in 1913, shut down production in 1916.

Tokens, like the one shown above, were used for the promotion of Sandow’s Cocoa and are quite rare. The image shown here has been enlarged to roughly twice the size to show detail.

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Eugen Sandow

Posted on Wednesday, June 29th, 2011 by John Wood
Eugen Sandow was the prototypical strongman, the first true strength Superstar and can rightfully be called “The Man who Started it All.”
Strength and How to Obtain It by Eugen Sandow
Sandow thrilled audiences all over the world with his classical physique as well as his amazing feats of strength. In fact, many of the most famous Iron Game luminaries such as George Jowett and Alan Calvert (among others) were inspired to begin training after seeing Sandow in action.

Once he tired of the performing life, Sandow established the very first “Health Studios,” mail order training courses, mail order training equipment and physical culture magazine — all “firsts” for things which are now commonplace in the modern age.