Steve Pulcinella

Posted on Monday, March 12th, 2018 by John Wood
Steve Pulcinella, shown above flipping a car over in the 1994 World’s Strongest Man competition in Sun City Africa, is one of America’s greatest strength athletes. He entered his first powerlifting contest at 14 years old and over the next eight years, won four Pennsylvania State Powerlifting Championships, two Pennsylvania State Region II Powerlifting titles, and placed second in the USPF teenage national championships.

In 1993, Pulcinella won Virginia’s Strongest Man and the North America’s Strongest Man competition which lead to him being included in the a fore-mentioned World’s Strongest Man competition in South Africa. Shortly after, Pulcinella began competing in Highland Games competitions all over the world, winning over 40 professional titles over the course of his career including the prestigious International Pro Highland Games competition at Loon Mountain in Lincoln, New Hampshire.

Among his best marks are: squat: 755 lbs. (w/belt and knee wraps), deadlift: 765lbs power clean: 420 lbs., power snatch: 310 lbs, jerk (from a rack) 440 lbs., bench press: 505 lbs., 56 lb. weight for height: 17’6”(standing). Pulcinella currently runs one of the best gyms in the country “Iron Sport Gym” in Glenolden, Pennsylvania. You can learn more about Steve Pulcinella and his unique training methods HERE

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