Indian Club Resource Page

Posted on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019 by John Wood
Indian Club Resource Page

Here’s a page where you’ll find all our Indian Club resources in one spot. Click on thumbnails and links to find more information:

Classic Wooden Indian Clubs

It doesn’t get more “Oldschool” than these clubs — each are turned by hand

Fashioned from oak hardwood, the new clubs have a classic look and a perfectly balanced feel.

The approximate weight of each club is branded on the barrel, along with our very cool logo

Get your clubs right here! classic clubs are made of American Oak hardwood and available in 1lb., 2lb., and 3lb. sizes. We also have combo sets available in case you would like to save on shipping and order several sizes at once. More info >>>

Indian Club Training Materials

The Text Book of Club Swinging by Tom Burrows
Simple Indian Club Exercises Poster by Staff Sergeant Alfred Moss
Indian Club Exercises Video by Dr. Ed Thomas (Streaming Access)
Indian Club Training Bulletin No. 1 (PDF)

Indian Club Training Guides Available on Amazon Kindle:

Club Swinging For Physical Exercise And Recreation
Light Apparatus Work With Indian Clubs

Indian Club Training Guides Posted in The Iron League

This is only a small sampling, to date we have over 25 Indian club resources — courses and videos — posted in The Iron League.

Indian Club Blog Posts and Articles

An Epic Pair of Indian Clubs
Studded Indian Clubs
George W. Patterson and His Electric Indian Clubs
Vintage Indian Clubs
Unusual Wooden Indian Clubs
Indian Clubs in China
Indian Clubs for Baseball
James J. Corbett’s Indian Clubs
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Indian Club Videos on Youtube

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