The Chest Expander Training Bulletin

Posted on Friday, November 30th, 2018 by John Wood
The Chest Expander Training Bulletin
NEW! Chest Expander Training Bulletin No. 3
– Downloadable PDF –
(19 pages)

1. Thoughts on Cable Training (Part II) by Jan Dellinger
2. A Different Type of Progression by John Wood
3. The Sandow Expander Course


Chest Expander Training Bulletin No. 2
– Downloadable PDF –
(15 pages)

1. Thoughts on Cable Training (Part I) by Jan Dellinger
2. Earle E. Liederman Mail Order Course, Lesson Six
3. The Magic Expander Exercise by John Wood


Chest Expander Training Bulletin No. 1
– Downloadable PDF –
(14 pages)

1. My Dad’s Favorite Cable Workout by Brooks Kubik
2. Better Strand Pulling, #4 and #13 by G.W. Hart
3. How to “Expand” Your Triceps by John Wood
4. The Jettison Technique by Ernest F. Cottrell
5. Three Chest Expander Workout Ideas by John Wood
6. The Whitely Chest-Pull Course


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The John Wood Report

Posted on Wednesday, February 21st, 2018 by John Wood
The John Wood Report

I had an idea for a new type of publication, one more streamlined and “bite-sized” with stuff to do, techniques to try, commentary and advice on common training problems. Most people are not interested in reinventing the wheel when it comes to their training routine, but what they do need are new ideas to try or tweaks to improve what they already might be doing and that is exactly what you’ll find here:

The John Wood Report is a downloadable PDF newsletter that comes out every few weeks which contains a multitude of interesting and valuable training ideas, answers to common questions, sample workouts, and much more:

The John Wood Report #6
– Downloadable PDF –

1. Thick Bar Tip #1
2. My 2019 Big Neck Program
3. The Farmer’s Walk: Part 2
4. Building Pressing Power Part 2
5. Wrist Roller Training in WWII
6. POWER Shrugs
BONUS: Q & A #1
BONUS: How to Tear a Deck of Cards by Dennis Rogers


The John Wood Report #5
– Downloadable PDF –

1. Wrist Roller Training Secrets Part I
2. Bone Strength Project Update
3. The Farmer’s Walk
4. The Two-Set System
5. The Plan B Workout
6. Workout Hack #1
BONUS: Great Quotes
BONUS: Chicken Soup Recipe


The John Wood Report #4
– Downloadable PDF –

1. The Bench Shrug
2. Get Ups
3. Hammer Training part II
4. 1862 Indian Clubs
5. Handbalancing Part I
BONUS: Plateau Buster #2
BONUS: “Stanko was a Big Fan of…” by Jan Dellinger
BONUS: How To Add An Inch To Your Arms In Four Weeks by Ellington Darden
BONUS: Training To Lift The Inver Stone by Steve Jeck


The John Wood Report #3
– Downloadable PDF –

1. Shaolin Iron Wrist Training
2. Workout Design Part III
3. The Pullup Bar Challenge
4. Old School Calf Training
5. The Secret of The Rice Bucket
BONUS: Plateau Buster #1
BONUS: “A DAMN Good Tricep Exercise” by Jan Dellinger


The John Wood Report #2
– Downloadable PDF –

1. Five Secrets to Motivation
2. Workout Design Q & A part 1
3. Six Ways to Flatten Your Stomach
4. Building Pressing Power part 1
5. Three Quick Ab Exercises
6. A Pair of Pushup Challenges
7. The Reverse Curl
8. The Hammer Man’s Challenge
9. February, 1987 Steel Tip Workout
10.The 3% Rule
BONUS: Angled Barbell Training by Jan Dellinger


The John Wood Report #1
– Downloadable PDF –

1. The Five Best Trap Bar Movements
2. Gym Etiquette
3. Workout Design Template
4. Three Simple Grip Builders
5. Train Your Pinch Grip
6. The Zottman Curl
7. Great Quotes
8. Commercial Gym Grip Solutions
9. Two Climbing Rope Drills
10.Ten Ways to Finish Your Workout


The Dellinger FIles

Posted on Tuesday, February 20th, 2018 by John Wood

Rock Solid Training Information and Iron Game Memories from the man that lived it…
By now you should be familiar with the name Jan Dellinger… but if you aren’t, he worked for the York Barbell Company for over 25 years — where he was Bob Hoffman’s right hand man, assistant editor of Muscular Development Magazine, and even shared an office with strength legend John Grimek for a number of years. He’s caught more than a few workouts with past Mr. Americas, written dozens of training articles for several major publications and sold more quality barbells than you could shake a stick at.

Well I’ve known Jan for a long time and we have been corresponding by email for the last few years now. Over the course of our conversations he would often write up some interesting story which he saw or was a part of while he worked at York. Jan had also been watching the website with great interest and a few of the topics I have written about got his creative fires going.

You want to talk strength history? Jan was there…

Last fall Jan asked if he could write up a training article or two that might be posted on the website. Of course I agreed and a few days later Jan sent something over… It was a detailed article on sandbag training.

Jan had also mentioned that he had a few other topics that he would like to cover, and, remembering the material he had written from our correspondences,I suggested that I would be delighted to collect this material into book form. I told Jan to just go wild and write about anything that he saw fit.

As I mentioned earlier, Jan has seen a lot of things over his time at York Barbell, and has been training since he was in junior high himself so he knows his way around a barbell…

We took a look at what we had, narrowed it down to a hundred and twenty five pages and dubbed it “The Dellinger Files Vol.I” (I say “Volume I” because there we have several hundred more pages of material and memories from Jan and there will be subsequent volumes)

For the time being though, Volume I is now ready to roll, and once it was all said and done it turned out even better than expected.

Take a Look Inside Volume I…

By now you’re probably dying to find out what exactly you’ll find in “The Dellinger Files volume I.” As I mentioned above, we combined some of Jan’s “Muscletown Memories” with training articles and alternated the two throughout the book. Take a look at some of the topics covered in volume I:

  • Where it All Began… How Jan started working at York Barbell and Grimek’s unique interview” process… what it was like editing Muscular Development Magazine and sharing an office with John Grimek… how Jan met Dr. Ken Leistner… adventures through the strength world, NFL weight rooms, lifting championships… and much more!
  • How to buy an Olympic Barbell… Why “saving a buck” is generally not a good idea… How long you should expect your bar to last… Exercises you should never do with a good Olympic bar… Where the money goes in the price of a quality bar… What the markings on your bar mean… The main differences between an “Olympic Lifting” Barbell and a Powerlifting Barbell…
  • Tips for lifting contests…
  • The Bruno Course… The best training course Jan has ever seen in all his years in the strength business… and it’s probably not what you might think…
  • Sandbag Training Tips… Jan’s introduction to “sandbag training,” why he was apprehensive at first, and what changed his mind… Three different methods for training with sandbags… How sandbags compare to barbells and dumbbells… How to structure a sandbag workout… Sandbag conditioning work… “PHA” sandbag training… How to combine sandbags with barbell training
  • Sergio Takes a Nap… What happened at the 1983 Ms. America bodybuilding contest and how Sergio Oliva lived up to his nickname “The Myth”
  • Two of the Very Best Bodyweight Training Exercises… what they are and which bodybuilding, legends used them to build their champion physiques…
  • Sled Pulling Tutorial… Get ready for some pretty strange looks from the neighbors… putting your “pulling” routine together… sled pulling for strength and conditioning… Dr. Ken’s influence… how-to’s, progression tips and goal
  • Behind the scenes at York Barbell… Who are celebrities who have shown up (some announced, some unannounced) at York… and what happens when they do?
  • A Different Kind of Road Work… Ever wanted to learn the finer points of car pushing? Now you can find out for yourself…
  • Range Training… How to use this unusual method of progression to build strength and move past sticking points…
  • Bodyweight Training… How a life-long barbell man makes it work… Goals, training tips and workout ideas… Where bodyweight training “fits” into a routine…
  • Negative Training… For Chins, how Robert Francis trained to win the Chinup contest at the 1998 York Barbell picnic…progression methods… how much you really need
  • Ed Jubinville’s Muscle Control Act… You won’t believe what happened, luckily someone was there to see it live…
  • One-Arm Deadlift Training Tips… find out more about this little used but highly effective grip and forearm exercise
  • The Partial Trap Bar Deadlift… A good substitute for The Jefferson Lift? You be the judge
  • Sample Workouts and Training Tips… above and beyond what is discussed in each training chapter

You want York Barbell history? — It’s in there. You want sandbag training? — It’s in there. You want grip training advice? — It’s in there….

As you can see, basic, straightforward, and to the point… great training information combined with strength memories that you will not find anywhere else… All the ingredients for a classic strength book — and what will be the first of many. Whether powerlifter, bodybuilder, garage lifter, beginner, veteran, or strength history buff, this is a title that should be in your personal library…

20 Chapters, 8-1/2″ x 11″ Size, over 51,000 Words, Sample workouts, Recommended Reading List, Glossy Cover, Printed on heavy weight paper, No pictures. The Dellinger Files Volume I is in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Get your copy today!

Order now!The Dellinger Files Vol 1. by Jan Dellinger
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