Indian Club Video Training Course

Posted on Monday, June 7th, 2021 by John Wood
The Revolutionary New Video Course That Can Teach ANYONE to swing Indian Clubs Like an Expert
For building strength and stability in the shoulder girdle, there is nothing better than including Indian club swinging in your training. As we have discussed MANY times, Indian clubs will benefit everyone for the very same reasons that made them important for centuries. Many people get into Indian Club swinging with at least some basic understanding of why the clubs are important and how they can benefit any training program…

The problem — and something that has happened in many cases — is that once they get the clubs in their hands, they get confused on how to use them and lose interest, thus depriving themselves of the myriad benefits that come with regular club swinging.

Needless to say, the clubs won’t be of much help to anyone sitting on the mantle place just gathering dust. It is also important to point out that Indian Club swinging is NOT just waving two sticks around, you have to know HOW to swing the clubs correctly to get the benefits.

… Fortunately modern technology now provides us a quick and easy solution to either case:

Imagine what it would be like if John Wood were to personally teach you how to swing the Indian clubs — that is essentially what this course is. Via our mobile app, we created a new video course for learning to swing the clubs where I take you through a variety if Indian Club movements.

The basis of this course is a Indian club training article that was originally written in 1922 — we shot a video of each Indian club movement shown or mentioned in the article.

And not only that, but each Indian club movement is demonstrated:

* with one club
* with two clubs
* to the right
* to the left
* clubs converging or diverging
* from the back
* in slow motion
* from the back AND in slow motion

And not only do you learn the movements from several angles, in post production, we went in and added motion lines to illustrate the path of the clubs — instead of trying to guess what they club movements are supposed to look like, now you have the ability to understand what they are and how they are performed exactly as they should be.

As you can see by the still shots above, in the course, the motion lines follow the clubs throughout the course of each movement. Rather amazingly, even with modern video editing capabilities, it appears no one has done this yet.

There are 40 clips in all, plus the unedited full workout, plus a brief write-up on each type of movement.

All in all, this is a VERY complete Indian club course and once you see and understand what all the club movements are supposed to look like and how they are performed, adding the clubs to your repertoire will be as easy as pie.

Here’s where you can get started immediately:

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1. Due to the multimedia approach of this course, it is only available via our Oldschool Strength mobile app.

2. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS COURSE if you do not have a smart phone that can accept text messages and a basic understanding of downloading and using apps. There are NO REFUNDS for app courses.

3. Our Oldschool Strength app CAN be viewed on a iPad or tablet.

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6. a copy of our Indian Club Training Bulletin #2 is not mandatory for this course, but it is strongly encouraged.