P. Ivanov – The Man Who Conquered Nature

Posted on Friday, January 4th, 2019 by John Wood
P. Ivanov - The Man Who Conquered Nature
Physical Culture exists in many forms… Here’s some from “Mother Russia” that you probably haven’t yet heard of: P. Ivanov was a man who born and raised during the troubled years of revolution and civil war in Russia. He often wondered the reasons for such suffering… and one day an idea entered is mind: an answer to his questions.

Ivanov reasoned that suffering and hardship occured when Man tried to divorce himself from nature with artificial environments. Consequently life and survival became dependent on these conditions often breeding struggle, mistrust, indifference or loneliness among people.

Instead Man should strive to live with nature, instead of in opposition to her…

It was then that Ivanov began his experiment, to free himself of these dependencies by gradually conditioning himself to wear less clothes in freezing climates and to go long periods without food or water.

Eventually he became immune to cold weather and disease. He would most of his days shirtless and barefoot in the unforgiving Russian winter. As he spread his ideas, he was often called “Master of Nature” since he no longer concerned himself with the harsh conditions that became commonplace for most people.

The 12 keys to Ivanov’s “Method” are listed below:

1. Twice a day take a cold bath in natural waters so that you feel good. Bathe in whatever you can – lakes, rivers, a bath, take a shower or pour water over yourself. Finish a hot bath with cold water.

2. Before bathing or after it, and if it is possible at the same time, go out in the nature, stand barefooted on the earth or on snow in winter for at least 1-2 minutes. Breathe in the air several times through your mouth and thankfully wish good health for yourself and all the people of the world.

3. Don’t drink alcohol or smoke.

4. Once a week, try to go without food and water for one day.

5. At 12 Sunday, walk barefooted outside and breathe in and out several times and think positive thoughts. After that you can eat all that you like.

6. Love the nature surrounding you. Do not spit around you and do not spit anything out of yourself. Get used to it – this is your health.

7. Greet everyone everywhere, especially old people. If you wish to have good health yourself make it a point to greet everybody.

8. Help people whenever you can especially the poor, ill, hurt or needy. Do it with cheer. Respond to his need with soul and heart. You will make a friend in him which will help the cause of peace in the world.

9. Win over the stinginess, laziness, egoism, fear, falseness and pride in yourself. Trust the people and love them. Do not talk unjustly about them and do not take close to your heart the negative thoughts about them.

10. Free your mind of the thoughts about illnesses, disabilities and death. This is the greatest Victory of your life.

11. Do not separate thoughts from action. You have read – good. But the most important thing is to ACT!

12. Talk of and give the experience of this business to others, but do not brag and think too highly about yourself. Be modest.

You’ll find a bit more on P. Ivanov here.

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