1978 Olympic Musclebuilders Advertisement

Posted on Friday, August 27th, 2021 by John Wood
“Olympic Musclebuilders” was a course that you probably never heard of that was advertised in the back of comic books, karate magazines, wrestling magazines and Popular Science and other assorted pulpy affairs. The course was authored (anonymously, btw) by Robert Kennedy of “Muscle Mag International” fame.

The fellow who appeared in this and many other Olympic Musclebuilders advertisements was the German bodybuilder Wilfried Dubbels (who also appeared on the cover of the February, 1977 issue of Muscle Mag International.)

The Olympic Musclebuilders course promised to build “Titanic Legs,” Wide Manly Shoulders,” “Rock Hard Stomach Muscles,” and “Full, High-Peaked Biceps” — You’ll find Olympic Musclebuilders material in The Iron league.

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