Indian Club Video Training Course

Posted on Monday, June 7th, 2021 by John Wood
The Revolutionary New Video Course That Can Teach ANYONE to swing Indian Clubs Like an Expert
For building strength and stability in the shoulder girdle, there is nothing better than including Indian club swinging in your training. As we have discussed MANY times, Indian clubs will benefit everyone for the very same reasons that made them important for centuries. Many people get into Indian Club swinging with at least some basic understanding of why the clubs are important and how they can benefit any training program…

The problem — and something that has happened in many cases — is that once they get the clubs in their hands, they get confused on how to use them and lose interest, thus depriving themselves of the myriad benefits that come with regular club swinging.

Needless to say, the clubs won’t be of much help to anyone sitting on the mantle place just gathering dust. It is also important to point out that Indian Club swinging is NOT just waving two sticks around, you have to know HOW to swing the clubs correctly to get the benefits.

… Fortunately modern technology now provides us a quick and easy solution to either case:

Imagine what it would be like if John Wood were to personally teach you how to swing the Indian clubs — that is essentially what this course is. Via our mobile app, we created a new video course for learning to swing the clubs where I take you through a variety if Indian Club movements.

The basis of this course is a Indian club training article that was originally written in 1922 — we shot a video of each Indian club movement shown or mentioned in the article.

And not only that, but each Indian club movement is demonstrated:

* with one club
* with two clubs
* to the right
* to the left
* clubs converging or diverging
* from the back
* in slow motion
* from the back AND in slow motion

And not only do you learn the movements from several angles, in post production, we went in and added motion lines to illustrate the path of the clubs — instead of trying to guess what they club movements are supposed to look like, now you have the ability to understand what they are and how they are performed exactly as they should be.

As you can see by the still shots above, in the course, the motion lines follow the clubs throughout the course of each movement. Rather amazingly, even with modern video editing capabilities, it appears no one has done this yet.

There are 40 clips in all, plus the unedited full workout, plus a brief write-up on each type of movement.

All in all, this is a VERY complete Indian club course and once you see and understand what all the club movements are supposed to look like and how they are performed, adding the clubs to your repertoire will be as easy as pie.

Here’s where you can get started immediately:

Order now!Indian Club Video Course (via mobile app)
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1. Due to the multimedia approach of this course, it is only available via our Oldschool Strength mobile app.

2. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS COURSE if you do not have a smart phone that can accept text messages and a basic understanding of downloading and using apps.

3. Our Oldschool Strength app CAN be viewed on a iPad or tablet.

4. If you are already an app user, we will unlock this course under your account right after your order appears in our shopping cart. This typically takes place a few minutes after you complete your order.

5. If you are not already a user of our app, please confirm your credentials on the order confirmation page and we will be in touch as soon as possible with the quick and easy setup instructions. App setup typically takes less than a minute.

6. a copy of our Indian Club Training Bulletin #2 is not mandatory for this course, but it is strongly encouraged.

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Posted on Sunday, April 11th, 2021 by John Wood

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Indian Club Video Course

All Contents, Including Images and Text, Copyright © 2005-2021 by John Wood and Thunderdome Media Inc., Not to be reproduced without permission, All Rights Reserved
Author: John Wood. All contents, including images and text, copyright © 2005-2021 by John Wood and Thunderdome Media Inc. Not to be reproduced without permission. All rights reserved. We will most likely grant permission but please contact us if you would like to repost. IMPORTANT: Equipment and books, courses etc. pictured in blog posts are generally not available for sale unless specifically noted.

Online Courses FAQ

Posted on Monday, April 6th, 2020 by John Wood

>>> Online Course Page <<<

This all probably looks a lot more complicated than it really is. Basically the gist of it is that we have a new mobile app through which we will be providing a variety of training materials. If you have a smart phone, you are probably already well versed in how apps work. Our app is incredibly simple and provides a whole new dimension for providing information and instruction on proper training techniques and methods. Still, if you have any other questions, we have likely addressed them below:
Question: Can I view your app on a tablet?
Answer: Yes, our app is fully optimized to view on a tablet but you MUST have the ability to accept text messages because that is how login and setup instructions are sent. You account is also tied to your phone number.
Question: Is your app available for Android phones?
Answer: Yes it is, our app is available for both IPhones and for Andoid. You will need an Apple ID or the equivalent for the Android in order to put it on your phone.
Question: If I buy a course through the app and then unsubscribe from your email list, do I lose access to the app I purchased?
Answer: Our courses through the app are just like any other products, you buy it, you have it forever more. However, unsubscribing from our email list will prevent you from hearing about any specials or upgrade opportunities, and there may be certain sections of the app that you may lose access to by no longer being an active subscriber, so it’s up to you.
Question: I can’t find your app in the app store, where is it?
Answer: Our app actually is in the app store (and Android store) but it is not under an entry which is obvious — there is a specific reason for this which will become more apparent once you sign on.
Question: How do I get your app?
Answer: Courses on various topics which can be accessed through the app are available HERE.
Question: Does the App cost anything?
Answer: The app itself does not cost anything but there will be in-app purchases and/or upgrades for various courses and information products. At some point we will likely open up the app to the general pubic. There are many”free” articles and materials posted in the app simply for being a member. Brooks Kubik and I post the episodes from our podcast in the app for easy access.
Question: Is the App different than the Iron League?
Answer: Yes, the app is its own separate entity, but Iron Leaguers will have their own special section in the app. There will be other additional perks through the app that will only be available to Iron League members. More info on that will be forthcoming. It would be a very good idea to join up if you are not currently a member:
Question: I’m not tech savvy, is the app hard to install or use?
Answer: If you have a smart phone, you should be pretty well versed in how to install apps. The process for installing our app isn’t much different than installing Netflix, Amazon Prime, or some of the other popular apps that you probably already have on your phone. Once you have access to the app, there is a section in the Help Desk which explains navigation but it should be pretty straightforward. If you need any assistance, please feel free to reach out any time.
Question: Why an app? Why not just post on a regular web page or have your course material as a download like usual?
Answer: The short answer is that since people are spending more and more time on their phones, it makes sense for us to have a footprint in that world. Our App makes it easier for us to share content, and it also makes it easier for you to listen/read/view that content — and the more solid information you take in, the better equipped you will be to make the best choices for your training. This platform also makes it much easier to create multi-media information products. For example, some books or courses may also have an “audio-book” option.

Sometimes it is easier — or simply preferable — to listen to a course rather than read it. You can listen to an audio course during a commute or while chopping vegetables for dinner rather than sit down and read it. It can be tremendously valuable to take advantage of time which would otherwise go by unused. As you can see, there is a lot of interesting potential for the things we have planned. Plus, we REALLY like being the only firm in the whole strength biz with our own app.

Question: What is the idea behind your online courses?
Answer: Our online courses add a whole new dimension to our stable of information products. We say this because this technology allows us to provide information in a variety of different formats. So, to give you one example of how useful this could be, we could provide a written course on a specific training technique, but also provide a video demonstrating that technique in action in real time. And then in addition, provide further audio instruction. This would provide the benefits of written, audio, and visual instruction.

Our courses will take many forms: Some will be traditional course with a series of progressive lessons, etc., centered around achieving a specific outcome or goal. Other “courses” might be centered on training for a particular area of the body (grip course, arm course, etc.), or devoted to various techniques for a piece of equipment (power rack training, climbing ropes, Indian clubs). Some courses might consist of a book with each chapter laid out individually or perhaps a compilation of articles all by one author. And some “courses” might just be an eclectic collection of resources or articles (like our “On-ramp” Course #1).

In either event, this technology provides many possibilities for us, and for you as well. Contents in each course and any other pertinent details will be provided on their respective information pages so that everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect before joining.

Question: What types of content is available in these online courses?
Answer: Currently, our multi-media approach may include: articles, PDFs, videos, podcasts/audio, and downloads. We may eventually have other options as they become available. Not all media types will be available in all courses, and some courses may feature more of one particular type of media than others.
Question: Can I print out and/or download the articles from your online courses after I purchase access?
Answer: The content in our online courses is proprietary, hence we wouldn’t want to have it posted all over the internet. Most of the material in our online courses is viewable but not downloadable, printable, or sharable. This is to prevent this content from being spread far and wide on the web. There is some material posted in the “Download” area of some courses — typically workout charts — which are available to download and print for personal use so that you can utilize them in your training.
Question: Is the cost of any online courses recurring or is there just one charge?
Answer: Each of our online courses is a unique product — you purchase access to each one just like you would purchase any other product individually. There is only one charge for each course and it is not recurring. If we should have any kind of recurring charge with any online course or membership program at some point in the future, it will be made abundantly clear. Also, different courses will have different price points.
NOTE: Our membership website ‘The Iron League’ ( is an entirely separate entity than our app and does have a recurring monthly or yearly charge. Please visit the Iron League main page at the link above for more information on that program. If you already have an Iron League membership, you will need an entirely new set of log credentials for Online Course #1. Future courses may be include in the Iron League — if that is the case, it will be made abundantly clear.
Question: Is there any overlap with your online course material and what is already currently available in The Iron League?
Answer: At the moment, no, the articles posted in Online Course #1 are all unique material and not available in The Iron League. We do this pointedly to encourage people to join the course through the app in order to become more familiar with how they work.

In the future, some of our online courses may may be posted in whole or part the Iron League for the benefit for Iron League members. In that event, it will be made abundantly clear beforehand so that there is no overlap for League members. If your goal is to have access to the greatest amount of strength knowledge, The Iron League will always be the more robust choice.

8. What do I do if my login email or address changes?
You will only need the 4-digit code and your phone number to access the app. If you would like to change or update your credentials, you can log into the app and do so through the sandwich menu.
Question: Will my eligibility to view the app ever run out or end?
Answer: By and large, no — when you purchase any online course, you do so forever. Your eligibility to view and/or have access to one (or more) online courses that you have purchased does not have a time limit or end date. There is, however, one exception: if we find that a site user is stealing our content and/or posting it on the web in an unauthorized manner, we reserve the right to pull their access immediately, permanently, and without refund.
Question: Do I need any special software to view online course materials?
Answer: Yes, you will need a smart phone or tablet to view it, like any other mobile app.
Question: How do I contact you if I have questions, comments, or concerns?
Answer: Our contact info is listed in the Contact Us section of this website as well as all of our course websites. Please drop us a line any time you need anything and we will get back to you in a timely manner.
Question: Will I have access to all the material in a particular course immediately?
Answer: Most of the time, yes, but it depends on the course. In cases, you may start out with a base of material and then additional materials or lessons will become available “unlocked” after a certain period of time or on a specific interval. This is a pointed move on our part so that students don’t sabotage themselves by trying to work ahead to the advanced material too quickly. Additional material may also be added to some courses on occasion.
Question: Will the price ever increase for your online courses?
Answer: We will have courses at several different price points. Some courses may have an introductory or “rollout special” lower price tags for a certain amount of time. Other courses may increase in price over time based on the necessity for additional bandwidth for videos, podcasts, etc. which may be added periodically. Some courses may have an upgrade to include new material or bonuses, in which case, prior course purchasers will have an opportunity to upgrade for a nominal fee. These circumstances will be handled on a case by case basis.
Question: I didn’t receive any receipt when I placed my order to join an online course… plus I am not able to log on. Can you help?
Answer: In all likelihood, there may have been a typo with your email address when the initial order was placed. If you think this is the case, please check with us asap.

You may also want to check your spam or trash folders since sometimes transactional and/or automatically generated emails may end up there.

Question: Can I get printed hard copies of the material in one or more online courses?
Answer: Aside from being cost prohibitive, this would negate many of the advantages of online courses in the first place. This would also be impossible for videos and podcasts, etc. — so this is not something that we are able to provide.
Question: Do you charge sales tax on online courses?
Answer: Yes we do, although currently only for customers who reside in the state of Michigan. Internet laws may change at some point to include everyone, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

DISCLAIMER: Material in any online course may be added, removed, or modified at any time. All material in our online courses is Copyright © 2020-2021 John Wood and Thunderdome Media LLC, All Rights Reserved. Any unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited. The information on online courses is for entertainment purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please obtain a physician’s approval before engaging in any fitness program. We offer no refunds on digital products.

All Contents, Including Images and Text, Copyright © 2005-2021 by John Wood and Thunderdome Media Inc., Not to be reproduced without permission, All Rights Reserved
Author: John Wood. All contents, including images and text, copyright © 2005-2021 by John Wood and Thunderdome Media Inc. Not to be reproduced without permission. All rights reserved. We will most likely grant permission but please contact us if you would like to repost. IMPORTANT: Equipment and books, courses etc. pictured in blog posts are generally not available for sale unless specifically noted.