The John Wood Report

Posted on Wednesday, February 21st, 2018 by John Wood
The John Wood Report

I had an idea for a new type of publication, one more streamlined and “bite-sized” with stuff to do, techniques to try, commentary and advice on common training problems. Most people are not interested in reinventing the wheel when it comes to their training routine, but what they do need are new ideas to try or tweaks to improve what they already might be doing and that is exactly what you’ll find here:

The John Wood Report is a downloadable PDF newsletter that comes out every few weeks which contains a multitude of interesting and valuable training ideas, answers to common questions, sample workouts, and much more:

The John Wood Report #9
– Downloadable PDF –

“The Grip Issue”

1. The World’s First Published Super Gripper Workout
2. Mickey Mantle’s Favorite Grip Exercise
3. The Football Snatch
BONUS: Arthur Jones on Wrist Curls (Part I)


The John Wood Report #8
– Downloadable PDF –

1. Sledge Hammer Training III
2. Fractional Plates
3. The Gym in a Bag
4. Football Training in 1941


The John Wood Report #7
– Downloadable PDF –

“The Bodyweight Issue”

1. The New King of Leg Development
2. The Cloak and Dagger Abdominal
3. The Gotch Bible
4. Gotch Bible Workout Examples
5. “We Must Work to Be Fit” (WWII Calisthenics)


The John Wood Report #6
– Downloadable PDF –

1. Thick Bar Tip #1
2. My 2019 Big Neck Program
3. The Farmer’s Walk: Part 2
4. Building Pressing Power Part 2
5. Wrist Roller Training in WWII
6. POWER Shrugs
BONUS: Q & A #1
BONUS: How to Tear a Deck of Cards by Dennis Rogers


The John Wood Report #5
– Downloadable PDF –

1. Wrist Roller Training Secrets Part I
2. Bone Strength Project Update
3. The Farmer’s Walk
4. The Two-Set System
5. The Plan B Workout
6. Workout Hack #1
BONUS: Great Quotes
BONUS: Chicken Soup Recipe


The John Wood Report #4
– Downloadable PDF –

1. The Bench Shrug
2. Get Ups
3. Hammer Training part II
4. 1862 Indian Clubs
5. Handbalancing Part I
BONUS: Plateau Buster #2
BONUS: “Stanko was a Big Fan of…” by Jan Dellinger
BONUS: How To Add An Inch To Your Arms In Four Weeks by Ellington Darden
BONUS: Training To Lift The Inver Stone by Steve Jeck


The John Wood Report #3
– Downloadable PDF –

1. Shaolin Iron Wrist Training
2. Workout Design Part III
3. The Pullup Bar Challenge
4. Old School Calf Training
5. The Secret of The Rice Bucket
BONUS: Plateau Buster #1
BONUS: “A DAMN Good Tricep Exercise” by Jan Dellinger


The John Wood Report #2
– Downloadable PDF –

1. Five Secrets to Motivation
2. Workout Design Q & A part 1
3. Six Ways to Flatten Your Stomach
4. Building Pressing Power part 1
5. Three Quick Ab Exercises
6. A Pair of Pushup Challenges
7. The Reverse Curl
8. The Hammer Man’s Challenge
9. February, 1987 Steel Tip Workout
10.The 3% Rule
BONUS: Angled Barbell Training by Jan Dellinger


The John Wood Report #1
– Downloadable PDF –

1. The Five Best Trap Bar Movements
2. Gym Etiquette
3. Workout Design Template
4. Three Simple Grip Builders
5. Train Your Pinch Grip
6. The Zottman Curl
7. Great Quotes
8. Commercial Gym Grip Solutions
9. Two Climbing Rope Drills
10.Ten Ways to Finish Your Workout