Hjalmar Lundin

Posted on Friday, March 11th, 2016 by John Wood
A look at the great Hjalmar Lundin, who was a tremendous strongman as well as wrestler. Lundin was the heavyweight champion in his native land of Sweden and eventually made his way to American shores by performing as a strongman in the Ringling Brother’s Circus. Lundin’s signature feat was The Tomb of Hercules” with 20 men see-sawing on his chest.

On the wrestling mat, Lundin tussled with the best of them: George Bothner, George Hackenschmidt, Frank Gotch, Tom Jenkins, “Yankee” Joe Rogers, Stanislaus Zbyzko and Youssof “The Terrible Turk” Ismael. It was Lundin who gave George Hackenschmidt his first wrestling lessons and actually defeated Frank Gotch (albeit in a Graeco-Roman-style bout.)