Arthur Saxon: The Iron Master

Posted on Thursday, August 26th, 2021 by John Wood
“A really strong man who is unable to lift really heavy weights can only be described as a man who possesses possibilities of strength, while a man who can exceed 250 lbs. with either one or two hands (or even 200 lbs., supposing him to be a 9 to 10-stone man) is the fortunate possessor of real strength, having been endowed with actual power itself, which he has further acquired the ability to use.

Every normally sound and healthy man, whose doctor can assure him that his heart is sound, and who has attained the age of from sixteen to nineteen (according to the proportionate development he has attained at those ages), not only can, but should, enter upon some course of Weight-lifting or of exercises with weights.”

Arthur Saxon, The Text-Book of Weight Lifting (1908)

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