Joe Weider Creates the STRONG ARM Method!

Posted on Tuesday, February 11th, 2014 by John Wood

Joe Weider Creates the STRONG ARM Method!

Here’s a classic Joe Weider ad featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, circa 1971. The copy is pretty interesting:
ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH TO WEAR THEM? Slip on these electrifying New “Hell-Bent for Leather N’ Lead” Strong Arm bracelets-and instantly, in a second, your arms start oozing 100% more power! Your body takes on the appearance of ferocious strength–striking fear and terror into anyone who even thinks of attacking you!

Your manhood and virility “comes alive” and across swiftly to women–they instantly sense your sexual power and want to be in your arms! And because of expert craftsmanship, these genuine leather and gold-toned lead weights-with the word P-O-W-E-R spelled out on each of them–are the latest in “MOD” fashions. They go well with all your clothes, turning them into vigorous looking styles! You “come alive” with muscle and sex appeal!

NO EXERCISE–NO SWEAT TO CREATE ARM POWER! Just wear them anywhere–anytime–and they turn every arm movement into an instant arm builder! They build ferocious, rugged power for any sport–yes, including KARATE! Go ahead, try them, Tiger! If you don’t turn on the power fast, return them for a full refund. Fair? START NOW TO BECOME MORE OF A MAN IN SECONDS!

Joe Weider is listed as “Trainer of Terror Fighters.” Manly bracelets indeed…

Note: We do NOT Have these for sale.