1941 AAU Mr. America Results

Posted on Wednesday, July 13th, 2016 by John Wood
Final Placing:

1. John Grimek
2. Jules Bacon
3. Frank Leight
4. Elwood Holbrook
5. Ludwig Schusterich
6. Terry Robinson
– Paul Como
– Johnny Davis
– Roland Essmaker
– Melvin Kahn
– Constantine Kosiras
– Tommy O’Hare
– Joseph Peters
– Steve Stern
– Kimon Voyages
– Elmer Witmer
– Harold Woomer

Most Muscular:
Ludwig Schusterich

Best Chest:
Frank Leight

Best Back:
Johnny Davis

Best Abdominals:
Melvin Kahn

Best Arms:
Elwood Holbrook

The 1941 AAU Mr. America contest is notable since it was the second time it was won by John Grimek — the first and last time any man won it twice. The next year they changed the rule so that someone could only win it once — figuring (probably rightly so) that Grimek would keep winning the contest indefinitely.

The contest was held at the Arena Sports Palace in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 24, 1941 in conjunction with the AAU Senior National Weight Lifting Championship (which several of the Mr. America competitors also competed in as well. — you sure won’t see that kind of thing these days!)

Above: John Grimek on the cover of the August, 1941 issue of Strength and Health magazine.