The Hack Squat

Posted on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012 by John Wood

Walter Donald Demonstrates the Hack Squat

The Hack Squat, (or Hack Lift, as it is sometimes called) is a behind-the-back deadlift, as demonstrated by famous oldtime physique star Walter Donald in the pages of Super Strength by Alan Calvert.
This movement is not actually named after George Hackenschmidt but gets its name from “Hacke” the German word for ankle, which is roughly where the bar touches before the commencement of the lift. One coaching point on this lift which is not obvious is that the hands are supposed to be touching. Several lifters have been able to perform this movement with nearly 800 pounds.

Super Strength by Alan Calvert

Posted on Tuesday, August 16th, 2011 by John Wood

Super Strength by Alan CalvertSuper Strength by Alan Calvert

A rare magazine advertisement for ‘Super Strength’ by Alan Calvert from 1924 – which would be the same year the book was originally published. Despite the fact that this book was written nearly nine decades ago, the training information is just as effective today.

If you are a serious strength fan, then you should absolutely have a copy in your training library.

(Also of note: the exercises in the ad (and book) were demonstrated by the South African strongman Walter Donald.)

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