The Chest Expander Training Bulletin
Chest Expander Training Bulletin No. 2
– Downloadable PDF –
(15 pages)

1. Thoughts on Cable Training (Part I) by Jan Dellinger
2. Earle E. Liederman Mail Order Course, Lesson Six
3. The Magic Expander Exercise by John Wood


Chest Expander Training Bulletin No. 1
– Downloadable PDF –
(14 pages)

1. My Dad’s Favorite Cable Workout by Brooks Kubik
2. Better Strand Pulling, #4 and #13 by G.W. Hart
3. How to “Expand” Your Triceps by John Wood
4. The Jettison Technique by Ernest F. Cottrell
5. Three Chest Expander Workout Ideas by John Wood
6. The Whitely Chest-Pull Course


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