Feats of Strength and Dexterity
And How to Perform Them
by Charles MacMahon

“Nearly everyone likes to try stunts that test their strength and dexterity. Even those who will not exercise for health, strength or development are no exceptions when it comes to trying feats of strength and physical cleverness. Wherever there is a bar bell or any 9ther type of apparatus there is always the desire among men to see how strong they are or how much stronger they are than the other fellow.

Having noticed this fact for years I believed a book of this kind would be of wide interest, and having at last started it I decided to make it the best I possibly could. After finishing it I believe I have succeeded and I hope you will agree with me.

My main desire, however, is that the feats in this book will be the means of improving, in a physical sense, those who will not exercise. If you are one who does not like exercises that develop your body, strength and Health I hope you will find many of the feats in this book interesting enough for you to substitute for exercises. If you practice a good number of these feats I know they will serve the purpose of exercise to some extent at least and you will be reaping the benefits of exercise without going through a routine that you dislike.

Feats of strength of all kinds are always live topics whenever strong men are gathered. Consequently, by reading and practicing the feats in this book you will be just as familiar with practically all feats of strength known to strong men the world over as they are.”

Feats of Strength and Dexterity by Charles MacMahon was originally published by the Milo Bar Bell company in 1927. This modern reprint edition is faithful to the original version: a 5×7½ softcover with 220 pages and over 100 rare photos and illustrations.
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