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1 & 2 Pound Indian Club Combo Set:
Having several levels of resistance on hand to train with will always do your training good. Grab a pair of the 1 and 2-pound Indian clubs in this combo set. This option includes a copy of the Indian Club workout poster and streaming access to the training video PLUS you’ll save on shipping costs by ordering both pairs at the same time.
Classic Wooden Indian Clubs: 1 and 2-pound combo set, Instructional
Video Access and Workout Poster

________________ $199.99 plus s/h
1-Pound Wooden Indian Club Set

Our 1-pound Wooden Indian Clubs are the perfect place to get started for the aspiring club swinger.

Each pair is turned by hand out of American Oak hardwood, making them durable as well as giving them a great vintage look. The length of each 1-pound club is 16-1/2 inches. The 1-pound Indian club set also includes streaming access to Dr. Ed Thomas’ instructional video and the Staff Sgt. Moss workout poster.

Classic Wooden Indian Clubs: 1-pound set,
Instructional Video and Workout Poster

________________ $99.99 plus s/h
2-Pound Wooden Indian Club Set

If you are looking for a new challenge, give the 2-pound Indian club set a try. Just like our 1-pound set, each pair of 2-pound clubs are hand turned from American Oak hard wood. The length of each of these 2-pound Indian club is 18-inches and 3 inches wide at the widest point. The video and training poster are also included.

Classic Wooden Indian Clubs: 2-pound set,
Instructional Video and Workout Poster

________________ $119.99 plus s/h
Indian Club Training Bulletin
NEW! Indian Club Training Bulletin No. 1
– Downloadable PDF –
(20 pages)

1. Indian Club Q & A #1 by John Wood
2. 1914 Indian Club Course
3. 1905 Indian Club Course
4. The Wrap Up


Simple Indian Club Exercises Training Poster

The “Simple Indian Club Exercises” course was originally written in 1905 by noted physical culturist Staff Sergeant Alfred Moss and is now available as a high quality poster. This poster is 23 inches by 35 inches, printed on high quality heavy stock and comes folded. ** The Poster is included at a discounted price with all Indian club sets but can be purchased separately here:

Simple Indian Club Exercise Training Poster by Staff Sergeant Moss.

________________ $19.99 plus s/h
Learn The Ancient Art of Indian Club Exercises Video by Dr. Ed Thomas – Streaming Access

Learn The Ancient Art of Indian Club Exercises Video by Dr. Ed Thomas has been included with all Indian club orders placed with us since the very beginning. Initially this video was included on a DVD, but the DVDs are no longer available. Fortunately we are still able to provide this instructional material as a streaming video thanks to modern technology. The links, etc, are ALREADY included with Indian club orders, but if you would like to purchase access separately, you can do so here:

Learn The Ancient Art of Indian Club Exercises Video
by Dr. Ed Thomas – Streaming Access

________________ $19.99

Once you complete your order, you will be sent a PDF which contains a link to a password protected area, the password itself, and some other brief instructions.