Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been making a strong push for more titles in the Kindle format, and clearly this is what a lot of people want since our releases nearly always achieve a #1 status. As a result, we have also had quite a few questions come our way on that front, so we put this page together to clear up some of the common questions that we receive on a regular basis:

1. What is “Kindle?”
— From Wikipedia: “The Amazon Kindle is a series of e-readers designed and marketed by the online retailer Amazon Kindle devices enable users to browse, buy, download, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines, and other digital media via wireless networking to the Kindle Store.

When we refer to one of our publications being available “on Kindle” it means that we have put it into the Kindle e-book format and made it available on in the area of the site known as the kindle store.

2. Do I need a Kindle Reader to read Kindle Books?
— As a matter of fact, you do not. There is a free app that is available for a variety of devices that will allow you to read kindle books on your phone, tablet, or even directly on your desktop PC.

You can find a link to the app on every single page for a kindle product:

When you click on the “Read with our Free App” link, the following window will pop up that shows you all of your options. If you need any assistance with this process, let us know.

3. What is the cost of Kindle books?
The standard price for almost all of our Kindle books is $9.99 but we have a few titles that may be slightly cheaper. On occasion we also might have discount on a new release — we will make an announcement through our daily emails whenever that option might be available.

4. What are some of the advantages of Kindle books?

There are many advantages: one of the obvious advantages that we can start with is the price tag — Kindle titles are always cheaper than their hard-copy printed counterparts. To boot, the fact that Kindle books are downloadable also means there is no shipping cost which means a considerable savings for you. There’s also no wait — you can live on the other side of the world and literally get information into your hands within a few clicks of a mouse.

Kindle books are portable, you have a whole library full of books in the palm of your hand without needing to install extra book shelves at your pad. Kindle books are searchable and you can also make notes at important points that you can refer back to. With the Kindle titles, you can also change the font and increase the text size which are also very useful.

5. How do I get the updates when you add new material to your kindle books?
On occasion we might add new material to an already-published titles. Some people seem to get the updated versions automatically but if you find that you aren’t, log into your account, find the “Your Content and Devices” option on the dropdown and when you click it, it will take you to a list of your Kindle purchases. If titles have been updated since your purchase, there will be an ‘Update available’ button. You have to click it and then re-download the book to your Kindle to see the new version. Also, Amazon may not notify you when a book has been updated so you’ll need to go in and check them all yourself.

6. Where can I purchase your Kindle books?
Kindle books are only available on We generally send out direct links through email or other social media methods, but you can see our latest Kindle offerings listed on this page or my Author page.
7. OMG! I heard that reading Kindle books will damage my eyes, is that true?
We’ve never had any issues with eye strain, and no one who has ever contacted us has ever reported any issues. Your mileage may certainly vary but here is some food for thought on that front:

The great thing about the Kindle screen is that it doesn’t use light to light up the pixels, but rather ink, or ‘e-ink’ as Amazon call it (hence why the screens are called ‘e-ink’ screens). The ink is then simply arranged on the screen where the pixels are and this creates the image. The reason this is so good is that it doesn’t require any light in order to light up – and that means that there are no changes in contrast that your eyes have to adjust to. At the same time there’s no glass and the material of the screen is different and less reflective.” —
8. What happens to my kindle books if my computer crashes?
Unlike a PDF, your kindle library is actually stored in your account. Should your computer ever crash or if you break your reader, it would simply be a matter of logging into your account and re-downloading your titles.
9. Are your kindle books available in hard copy?
Some of them might be. For some (but not all) titles, we may be able to print and spiral bind a hard copy version for you for a minimum of $29.99 (plus shipping and handling) per title (although possibly more, depending on how much work is involved). Please contact us with a list of titles that you are interested in if you would like to know more.
10. Are your kindle books available in PDF?
Some of our kindle titles may be available in PDF and available for separate sale. Most not be, although some can also be found in The Iron League which you will have access to if you are a member. We also may have another option where we can present some charged access to some titles through our website in a “flipping book” format. We are currently testing that process and will have more information soon.
11. I see one of your titles on that I would like to but but there’s no order button, what should I do? has some weird rules about making some titles available in some international locations. We went back and forth for weeks over this issue, but it’s their ball so it’s their rules. We do, however, have other options for sharing some of our material, either in The Iron League or as one of our online courses.
12. I’m having a problem with one of your Kindle titles that I purchased on, can you help me?
There’s nothing we can do on our end, please contact support.