The Lost Art of Muscle Control!
“Now You Too Can Learn One of the True Lost Secrets of Oldtime Strength Training”
We’ve heard more than a few people say that the secret to
super strength is merely hard work and just putting your time
in — which is certainly partly true — but there’s more to
it than that. The Oldtime Strongmen and Physical Culture
pioneers figured out things about building great strength:
unusual techniques that almost no one knows how to
do these days.

…One of these “lost” techniques is the art of Muscle
Control, and there is no greater collection for learning
how to do it correctly than right here.

Unlike most kinds of training, Muscle Control work
can be done every day, multiple times per day,
without an equipment and the results can be

The increased flexibility, dexterity, and greater
blood flow to the muscular system from regular Muscle Control practice
is ideal for promoting greater recovery, making it a very valuable tool
for all strength athletes.  And check out Mr. Maxick on the right, that
level of muscular development is still VERY impressive despite the fact
that photo was taken well over a hundred years ago!

If you would like to get started with Muscle Control, as long as you provide the commitment, we can provide the know-how in the form of the three very best training courses ever written on the subject:

Maxick ~ Master of Muscle Control!
The great “Maxick” ~ champion weightlifter and famous Muscle Control expert. Read on to learn more about him and his methods
The Muscle Control Collection Contains three classic courses:

Muscle Control
by Maxick

Originally published in 1910, this truly remarkable training course has run through countless editions. This was the course that started it all. The author, Maxick, was the first great Muscle Control master and it served him incredibly well. Maxick developed his own unique system to add to his weightlifting… the result was a champion physique and world class levels of strength.

In fact, Maxick was the third man in the world to put double bodyweight overhead with a lift of 322-1/2 lbs. at a bodyweight of only 145 lbs!

Throughout the course, Maxick describes in detail how, by use of concentration, you can develop and gain deliberate control of each muscle group in the body. Detailed explanations of each technique and area of the body are provided. Highlighting the instruction found in the text, are rare, high-quality photographs of each technique in action for each muscle group.

Further written tips from the master himself show you exactly what to do and how to do it.. Muscle Control should be an important part of everyone’s training and has been to some of the greatest names of the past: Eugen Sandow, Otto Arco, John Grimek, Sig Klein, John Farbotnick, and Marvin Eder, just to to name a few.

The benefits derived by stretching and limbering the muscles for sports through the practice of Muscle Control are worth many times the cost of the course. Highly recommended!

Prof. Matysek’s Muscle Control Course
by Anton Matysek

In 1922, Anton Matysek won the title “America’s Strongest Man” in a contest held by Bernarr MacFadden, and was frequently featured in Alan Calvert’s Strength magazine, and many other books, and courses.

It was Matysek’s feeling that all World records in any form of lifting are created by means of perfect muscular control ~ the perfect control over every aspect of the body. Prof. Matysek’s Muscle Control Course will teach you complete relaxation and concentration for every muscle group. Thicken the shoulders, broaden the back, and increase your chest size. Learn perfect coordination of muscle and mind through concentration.

To the man wishing to be exceptionally strong, muscle control is essential. Professor Matysek’s Muscle Control Course features a NEW updated information booklet and two beautiful 11″ X 17″ classic wall charts, each printed on heavy-weight enamel paper and suitable for framing.

Muscle Control
by Walt Baptiste
“When the muscles have come under the control of the mind, they not only develop more completely according to the pattern of desire: but they are able to put far more into efforts of strength because great effort is less based on mechanical movement and more of strength of will.”

Muscle Control by Walt Baptiste, which features several classic shots of the oldtime muscle control artist Otto Arco on the front and back covers, explains in great detail all the popular movements such as: biceps control, triceps control, deltoid control, latissimus control, pectoral control, trapezius control, forearm control, neck control, abdominal separation, the stomach vacuum, rope isolation controls, thigh control, calf control, thigh biceps control, scapula dislocate, etc.

Baptiste’s advice on each control is incredibly detailed. This course is an absolutel gold-mine of information for the beginner who would like to learn the finer points of Muscle Control. Fully illustrated with over 30 photographs plus two anatomy charts. Add a new dimension to your training by learning the lost art of muscle control!

The Muscle Control Collection

The Muscle Control Collection (3 courses)Order now!__________ $44.99 plus s/h