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1.What is the idea behind your online courses?
Our online courses add a whole new dimension to our stable of information products. We say this because this technology allows us to provide information in a variety of different formats. So, to give you one example of how useful this could be, we could provide a written course on a specific training technique, but then in addition, also provide a video demonstrating that technique in action in real time. This would provide the benefit of written as well as visual instruction.

Our courses will take many forms: Some will be traditional course with a series of progressive lessons, etc., centered around achieving a specific outcome or goal. Other “courses” might be centered on training for a particular area of the body (grip course, arm course, etc.), or devoted to various techniques for a piece of equipment (power rack training, climbing ropes, Indian clubs). Some courses might consist of a book with each chapter laid out individually or perhaps a compilation of articles all by one author. And some “courses” might just be an eclectic collection of resources or articles (like our “On-ramp” Course #1).

In either event, this technology provides many possibilities for us, and for you as well. Contents in each course and any other pertinent details will be provided on their respective information pages so that everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect before joining.

2. What types of content is available in these online courses?
Currently, our multi-media approach may include: web pages, PDFs, videos, podcasts/audio, and downloads. We may eventually have other options as they become available. Not all media types will be available in all courses, and some courses may feature more of one particular type of media than others.
3. Can I print out and/or download the articles from your online courses after I purchase access?
The content in our online courses is proprietary, hence we wouldn’t want to have it posted all over the internet. Most of the material in our online courses is viewable but not downloadable, printable, or sharable. This is to prevent this content from being spread far and wide on the web. There is some material posted in the “Download” area — typically workout charts — which are available to download and print for personal use so that you can utilize them in your training.
4. What do I do if I forget my password?
On the login page for each course, there is a “Forgot Password?” link right in the middle of the page. Click the button and follow the directions to reset your password by email. In a related note, if you would like to change your password when you are already logged into your course website, please click the “SETTINGS” tab on the main menu,
5. Is the cost of any online courses recurring or is there just one charge?
Each of our online courses is a unique product — you purchase access to each one just like you would purchase any other product individually. There is only one charge for each course and it is not recurring. If we should have any kind of recurring charge with any online course at some point in the future, it will be made abundantly clear. Also, different courses will have different price points.
NOTE: Our membership website ‘The Iron League’ ( is an entirely separate entity and does have a recurring monthly or yearly charge. Please visit the Iron League main page at the link above for more information on that program. If you already have an Iron League membership, you will need an entirely new set of log credentials for Online Course #1. Future courses may already be include in the Iron League — if that is the case, it will be made abundantly clear.
6. Is there any overlap with your online course material and what is already currently available in The Iron League?
At the moment, no, the articles posted in Online Course #1 are all unique material and not available in The Iron League. We do this pointedly to encourage people to join the course in order to become more familiar with how they work.

In the future, some of our online courses may may be posted in whole or part the Iron League for the benefit for Iron League members. In that event, it will be made abundantly clear beforehand so that there is no overlap for League members. If your goal is to have access to the greatest amount of strength knowledge, The Iron League will always be the more robust choice.

7. Can I share my course login info with all my buddies?
This would be inadvisable for a variety of reasons. Our software will prevent multiple logins and infractions where it is obvious that multiple people are attemptiong to log in will be handled on an individual basis.
8. What do I do if my login email changes?
Please contact us and we can make the necessary changes in the site software for you.
9. Will my eligibility to view the site ever run out or end?
By and large, no — when you purchase any online course, you do so forever. Your eligibility to view and have access to one (or more) online courses does not have a time limit or end date. There is, however, one exception: if we find that a site user is stealing our content and/or posting it on the web in an unauthorized manner, we reserve the right to pull their access immediately, permanently and without refund.
10. Do I need any special software to view online course materials?
All site material in our online courses is compliant with all standard web applications and should be viewable on all desktop computers, tablets, phones, or other devices designed for web viewing. We have also heard from some of our blind clients that their screen reader software does work with the online course setup.
11. How do I contact you if I have questions, comments, or concerns?
Our contact info is listed in the Contact Us section of this website as well as all of our course websites. Please drop us a line any time you need anything and we will get back to you in a timely manner.
12. Will I have access to all the material in a particular course immediately?
It depends on the course, in some cases yes, but in other cases, you may start out with a base of material but then additional materials or lessons will become available after a certain period of time or on a specific interval. This is a pointed move on our part so that students don’t sabotage themselves by trying to work ahead to the advanced material too quickly. Additional material may be added to some courses on occasion.
13. Will the price ever increase for your online courses?
We will have courses at several different price points. Some courses may have an introductory or “rollout special” lower price tag for a certain amount of time. Other courses may increase in price over time based on the necessity for additional bandwith for videos, podcasts, etc. which may be added periodically. If a course price does increase, there will be no change for anyone who has already joined on. We will also give ample notice before a price increase takes effect.
14. I didn’t receive any receipt when I placed my order to join an online course… plus I am not able to log on. Can you help?
In all likelihood, there may have been a typo with your email address when the initial order was placed. Sometimes we may be able to catch this be cross referencing your most recent order with prior orders in our system. If so, we will make the change and re-send all transactional emails, login emails, etc.

You may also want to check your spam or trash folders since sometimes transactional and/or automatically generated emails may end up there. If there is still a problem, contact us and we can certainly re-send any emails and reset your password, etc. manually.

15. Can I get printed hard copies of the material in one or more online courses?
Aside from being cost prohibitive, this would negate many of the advantages of online courses in the first place. This would also be impossible for videos and podcasts, etc. — so this is not something that we are able to provide.
16. I somehow placed an order for the course but didn’t create a password on the checkout page. What can I do?
No problem, this has a very easy fix, even if you didn’t create a password when you placed the order, a password is generated for you by the system. Just go to the login page and click the “Forgot Password” button and a link will be sent to your email so you can either change or create a new password.
17. I was having some trouble logging in so I hit the “Forgot Password?” button to rest my password but nothing showed up, what should I do?
It may take a few minutes for these emails to be sent to you. It would also be a good idea to check your spam/trash folder as they sometimes end up there. Keep in mind that Email deliverability can often be a challenge for some email service providers so sometimes they may not make it. Regardless, we can easily make corrections on our end, just drop us a line, and we can provide a temporary password or make any necessary changes on our end.

18. Hey! The thing didn’t work when I clicked the thingy thing. What kind of scam are you running?
We will be most happy to assist in any way if you are having issues with logging into the website or otherwise, however, we also need you to be very specific and detailed about the problem or issue that you are experiencing, any error messages you are seeing, or anything else that may seem out of place. We did, in fact, received the above question, and no, it is not an example of a descriptive problem that we can do much to help with.
19. Do you charge sales tax on online courses?
Yes we do, although currently only for customers who reside in the state of Michigan. Internet laws may change at some point to include everyone, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.
20. Can I pay for an online course membership with a check or money order?
The answer is unfortunately no, and we say this because when you join an online course, it will require setting up your own password for your account so that you can log in, and that is not something that we are comfortable doing for other people. Furthermore, at the moment, we are not even allowed to go to the post office.

DISCLAIMER: Material in any online course may be added, removed, or modified at any time. All material in our online courses is Copyright © 2020 John Wood and Thunderdome Media LLC, All Rights Reserved. Any unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited. The information on online courses is for entertainment purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please obtain a physician’s approval before engaging in any fitness program. We offer no refunds on digital products.