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Master List of PDF Newsletters and Bulletins

Indian Club Training Bulletin

The Chest Expander Training Bulletin

The John Wood Report Newsletter

Rare Bodybuilding Courses

The George F. Jowett Collection

The Way to Live by George Hackenschmidt

Muscle Control by Maxick

Feats of Strength and Dexterity by Charles MacMahon

Titles available on Kindle

The Development of the Clean & Jerk by David P. Webster

The Classic Grip Course Collection

The Arthur Saxon Collection

Simple Indian Club Exercises Poster by Staff Sergeant Alfred Moss

Strength & Bulk Training for Weight Lifters & Body Builders by Reg Park

The Henry Higgins Strength and Muscle Course

Goerner The Mighty by Edgar Mueller

The New Bodybuilding for Old-School Results by Ellington Darden

Hand-Balancing for Muscular Development by Bill Hinbern is a paper and ink printed course and is not available in e-book format.

The course is paperback, consists of 72 pages, profusely illustrated with dozens of rare pen and ink drawings and has a heavy-stock cover. An Anatomy chart, kilo to pounds conversion table and full list of resources are also included.

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Several thousand years ago, Indian wrestlers and warriors prepared themselves for battle by swinging wooden “clubs” to condition their bodies and build upper-body strength. You can take up the clubs and do the same thing today. More info >>>
Grab a set of the classic Mark Berry training posters and make your gym a little more Oldschool! More info >>>