Captain Chiosso’s Polymachinon

…the Polymachinon had hidden doors which could be opened to reveal a grip machine and other devices used for adjusting the resistance levels of the various exercises. The machine was…

The New Blog

…THE NEW BLOG Welcome! You are seeing this message as a result of technology — we recently upgraded our website to a brand new web platform, and because of…

The Princeton Gymnastic Team, circa 1874

…A rare look at the the Princeton University Gymnastic Team of 1874. Obviously Indian Clubs were a big part of their training. The Captain and top performer, J.J….

The 1906 Rutgers University Gymnastics Team

…A rare look at the 1906 Rutgers University Gymnastics Team. Captain and horizontal bar and flying rings expert Thomas Devan (class of ’06) is sitting front and center….

Victor DeLamarre’s Backlift

…In October, 1928, Victor DeLamarre performed a backlift of an entire precinct of Quebec policemen. The captain, Emile Trudel, stands in the foreground. Interestingly, DeLamarre only weighed about…

Tom Tyler

…Here’s a rare shot of Tyler at the 1928 Olympic weightlifting tryouts. Believe it or not, this is that Tom Tyler, western movie star and of Captain Marvel fame….


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