Super Squats!

How to Gain 30 Pounds of Muscle in 6 Weeks

“Here, read this.”

…And with those three words my life — and my training — changed forever…

I was 15 years old, a 160 pound high school freshman looking to put on some weight for the next football season. That’s when my Dad handed me a blue book with the words “Super Squats” written on the cover in big, white block letters.

It was a short book, one that I read in a single sitting (and many times since then) but what was written on its pages was pure magic. It was a training program… THE program, the one that had helped put on more muscle than any other training program in history. I read that this was the program used by many of the strongest men who ever lived and recommended by the greatest strength authors who ever picked up a pen:

Paul Anderson, John Davis, Sig Klein, Tommy Kono, Reg Park, Henry “Milo” Steinborn, Mark Berry, J.C. Hise, John Grimek, Roger Eells, Steve Jeck, Dr. Ken Leistner, Brooks Kubik, Bradley J. Steiner, Peary Rader, Chester O. Teegarden

…and skinny teenagers wanting to gain size and strength – all used this program to build incredible size and strength.

So I immediately followed its advice and started doing the exact routine as outlined in its pages. My very first squat workout was a very shaky 20 reps with 95 pounds, barely more than an empty barbell. That’s where it all began…

A few months later, after following this program, I was a 195 pound Sophomore who could easily squat 300+ pounds for 20 reps and ready for anything on the football field…

Introducing “Super Squats”

The lessons I learned from the “Super Squats” program, and the concept which makes it work have laid the foundation for my entire training philosophy from that point onward.

I will be very
honest though — this program is by no means easy. The Super Squats program is simple and basic, and what makes it so effective is that it is built entirely on individual effort.

If you truly want to put on as much strength and size as the title suggests, you will have to pay your dues with hard work, heavy training and solid eating…. but the rewards are more than worth it – and you CAN do it.

And, of course, I am not alone – this program has been equally effective for countless trainees for nearly a century now.

All it takes is a little know-how and a lot of enthusiasm. You’ll find both in this book.

My original copy of “Super Squats” is now dog-eared after many readings and many great workouts but as I flip through it, I still get every bit as fired up as I did the very first time I read it.

Now it has come full circle…

It is with great pride that I now offer the very same opportunity here… to learn from and be inspired by what is, in my opinion, one of the greatest training books ever written – one of the three training books which have inspired and shaped my
training career from the very beginning.

No matter where your interest in “strength” lies, this program and this book have a place in your training library. Order your copy today:


Topics covered in Super Squats include:
1. Introduction to the Basics
2. A Brief history of Squatting
3. Your Program – Working the Chest, Shoulders, Upper Back, Arms, and Thighs
4. The importance of Spotters
5. What to do if You Hate
6. How to enlarge your Rib Cage through specialized breathing techniques
7. Training the Lower back, Calves and Abdominals
8. Selection and Progression of Training Poundages
9. Stretching, Warming Up, and Equipment Considerations
10. Workout Schedules: The
Basic Routine. The Abbreviated Program, The Low-Rep Program
11. Training Frequency, Alternating Programs, Other Factors, Diet, Rest, and Attitude
12. The Finer Points: Medium-Tech Options for Squatting, Bodyweight, Size and Strength Goals, Record Keeping, Getting Psyched
13. Full List of Sources
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